PowerPercolator Brochure

Hello Members,

This month in your meetings, you will hear about the PowerPercolator (PowerPerk for short), a great tool for making your PowerCore coffees profitable. (It works for other business meetings, too.)

Please download the PowerPercolator Brochure here.
It is also on the main PowerCore.net web site under “Meeting Resources.”

How to PowerPerk:

  • Invite 1, 2, or 3 of your Team Members, your GateOpeners, your Team Members’ GateOpeners, and/or your clients to coffee.
    Mix up the guest list to warm up GateOpener introductions, tell a potential Visitor about PowerCore, or explore opportunities for your business.
  • In advance, send each attendee the PowerPercolator brochure. Tell them: “Here’s an agenda for our meeting that brings out helpful new information in an efficient way.”  Following the time recommendations on the brochure, allow 20 minutes per attendee for your meeting.
  • Bring a timer to the meeting.
  • Order your coffee, set the timer, and go.
    Simply follow the steps on the brochure, in order. It even covers personal introductions.

About the Brochure:

Print as many as you like.
Tip: Print double-sided, and fold into thirds like this:

  1. Place the paper so that you see the “1”, “3”, and “4” panels.
  2. Fold the “4” panel so it faces the “3” panel. Now you can see the “2” panel.
  3. Fold the “1” panel on top of the “2” panel. Now you see the “PowerPercolator” front cover.

Happy–and profitable–PowerPerking.

P.S. About this week’s Referral Trigger:

July is one of those months with 5 weeks for most Teams, so there is no Referral Trigger on the blog this week. It’s an anomaly of the Gregorian calendar. We’ll be aligned with the weeks, months, planets and stars on Monday, August 3.

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