What Aren’t You Talking About?

I like boxes.
And cases.
And containers.
In fact, often I like boxes more than the present inside.

(A friend once recognized that.
“The gift is inside,” she told me, eyes twinkling,
“but I know you’re going to love the box.”
It is beautiful deep green handmade paper.
I still use it.)

Four months ago we bought a Jambox.
Love it.
Carry it with me everywhere.
Use it in the car and in meetings, in the office, in the loft. I use it a lot.
Today I was cleaning up and decided to throw away the box the Jambox comes in.

(It is a beautiful box.
Lucite on top, black on the bottom.
I might save that Lucite part.)

Before I threw it away I decided to look in the bottom one last time.
Lo and behold more accoutrement.
There was a USB connector,
and I’d already been using the USB connector,
so I’m not exactly sure why there’s a second one.

And I found a case.

I like cases.

This case is really cool.
It folds into a flat skinny little slip;  it has magnetic closures;
it looks like I could leave the case on while I’m using the Jambox.

But I didn’t know it was there. 
And I like cases. 
And my Jambox does have a little rub where you can see it’s been used
that it wouldn’t have if I had used this case from the very beginning.

Wouldn’t this case have been obvious and attractive to me
when I pulled the other things out of the box originally ?

Which got me thinking.

Why didn’t I know the case was there?
I would have loved that case.
I would have valued that case.
I would have talked about that case.

So now I’m thinking . . .
what am I giving my customers
that they don’t even notice
because I’m not pointing it out
and talking about it. 


Those are the kinds of verbal tidbits
that stimulate word-of-mouth, and endorsement, and referrals.

If you’re one of my customers, tell me what I should be talking about more.
And if I’m one of yours, ask me.  I’ll tell it to you straight.

Ponder, and add your comments.  I’m eager for the discussion.          W!

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