Monthly Focus – March 2012

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Members of the Teams that pass the most We Did Business slips share these bonus techniques for  profitably using Referral Records. [/quote]

Use these examples to make your profile uniquely magnetic to the people Team Members refer to you.

Gear up for referrals.

[tabs style=”1″] [tab title=”Handy”]Keep Referral Records close during InfoMinutes. As you hear new information quickly jot the name of the person you thought of, then add why this information would matter to that them, and finally put the Team Member’s name in TO.

PowerTip: Writing why this would matter to them is what make following through easy. No need to remember what to say, that’s already done.

[/tab] [tab title=”Close”]Keep Referral Records close during 7-Minute Presentations. After you write a question on the FeedForward card, start a Referral Record for the person who you will share the answer with.

PowerTip: Although this isn’t ready to pass as a referral until you’ve spoken with the other person, it’s appropriate to share the information that triggered the referral thought.That gives benefit to the 7-Minute presenter, since other Members may be stimulated by your interpretation.


[/tab] [tab title=”Time”]Have a specific day and time each week when you look through this stash of started referrals and make the call to turn it into a triangle.Charles does it at 10 o’clock on the day of his meeting.Daniel does it the afternoon before his meeting. Jill does it on Friday.

PowerTip: Creating the three-way connection is a follow through benefit for your own business.Reaching out to say “I’d like to introduce you to . . .” is more valuable, personally,than asking “are you ready to do business with me yet?” Offering a connection to someone else stimulates business and referrals for us.

Gear up for referrals.


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2 Responses to Monthly Focus – March 2012
  1. Erik Bescher
    March 16, 2012 | 9:56 am

    The trust that is built over time is the biggest asset to creating a solid referral. When a client explains their issue and I present a solution, my client want the referral as much as the PowerCore member that receives it.

  2. Steve Cannon
    March 16, 2012 | 10:56 am

    I heard early in my career that people don’t do business with companies, they do business with the person at that company. When I pass a referral either spoken or written I always give information I know about the person beyond what work they do and how long they have been doing it. Things that make the person real and give possible connection points and common ground. Besides being a great Financial Advisor Meredith Sims is also the President of the Australian Club of Atlanta. John Fay has two beautiful young daughters. Leigh Hays not only sells houses in Inman Park but lives there and is active in the Neighborhood organizations. I know Delaine Ross is petit but she can toss around 26 kilo Russian Kettlebells like they are feathers. My clients like to do business with people who are real and it is my job to make them real in as few words as possible.

    Steve Cannon
    I don’t know everything about Health Insurance but I know people who do

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