April Monthly Focus – InfoMinute Technology for Online Referral Marketing

To get even more referrals, use what you’re already doing, in easy extra ways. Each week we share an InfoMinute. The seven segments can be used, individually, in other referral generating ways.  
This  isn’t multi-tasking, this is double-dipping!

It isn’t only InfoMinutes that we can use in multiple places. Check out what I’ve been thinking about additional uses for the FeedForward card comments and questions, 7-Minute Presentations, Introductions and Endorsement Letters.  You’ve already done the work. Just use it again. 

As Teams brainstorm during the Coaches workshop this month, we add their ideas here.  
To read them click the title of this post or comments. There’s room for more from you, too. 

Gear up for extra referrals,  W!

7 Responses to April Monthly Focus – InfoMinute Technology for Online Referral Marketing
  1. Wendy Kinney
    April 12, 2012 | 6:07 pm

    Lauri Lee was scribe when Ron Utterback brought this workshop to the Candler Park Team. They share these ideas:
    {Joyce} Use parts of the InfoMinute to introduce yourself at other meetings or presentations.
    Combine InfoMinutes to make a slightly longer presentations.
    {John} Add portions to LinkedIn account as “new information”
    They could be used for postings on a blog
    {Matt} A portion can be tweeted, along with a link to a blog or Facebook for the full InfoMinute
    {Doc} Sharing the InfoMinute in a card
    {Leigh} Use the InfoMinutes as material to chat with clients during a meeting or in the car.

  2. Izzy Israeli
    April 23, 2012 | 4:45 pm

    Great training program for any serious buisness man.

  3. Amanda Taylor
    May 9, 2012 | 2:05 pm

    Jim Klun submits these notes from the West Cobb/ Paulding Team.
    “Taking InfoMinute Beyond the Meeting”

    Using your InfoMinute to blog your information.
    Roseanne Smith used her InfoMinute at a branch meeting to help identify clients for her.
    Use the InfoMinute at a branch meeting to help identify clients of her.
    Use the InfoMinute format to craft customer presentations. It will help you to provide new information to your customers to focus on their needs.
    By utilizing the InfoMinute technology it keeps information specific and prevents rambling.
    It will give you a more dynamic InfoMinute due to focus on present information.

    Using the PowerCore website and updating your personal and professional profile helps market yourself out side of PowerCore. A potential customer could Google that they are looking for a particular service and the PowerCore website would pop up and would showcase who we are and what we do.

    Knowing that you will be using parts of your InfoMinute in other areas outside of the InfoMinute at PowerCore will help you craft a more detailed and specific InfoMinute.

    Use InfoMinute material as bio’s for an introduction to other meetings and speaking engagements.

    Utilize parts of your InfoMinute as tag lines for emails to present a current message and help people focus on how they can connect with you.

  4. Amanda Taylor
    May 9, 2012 | 2:49 pm

    Jim Klun submits these notes from the Dogwood Team.

    “Taking InfoMinute Beyond the Meeting”

    Using your InfoMinute to blog your infomation.

    Change the tag line in your emails on a weekly basis to create conversations and promote thoughts for referrals.

    Use your PowerCore profiles to give potential customers a quick look into what you do and possibly create some mutual connections to trigger them to contact you.

    Utiliize your InfoMinutes and other techniques when attending other meetings or doing presentations.

    Use segments of your InfoMinutes and other techniques when attending other meetings or doing presentations.

    Using the InfoMinute format can help with presentations outside of PowerCore. It will keep your presentation focused and relevant. It will also keep your presentation to a concise and concentrated message and helps prevent unnecessary information from the group you are speaking to that day.

  5. Amanda Taylor
    May 9, 2012 | 3:53 pm

    Bob Stone submits these notes from 400 East Team.

    Adding red card instead of asking for a referral at the bottom of an email is great! Gives power to the recipient to reach out to me.

    People relate and react to stories.

    Presents new information and keeps emails fresh.

    Post emails on blog as individual blog.

    Changes in LinkedIn profile promps followers to check your page.

    In the past 6 months one company had a 75% increase in business.

    InfoMinutes and 7 Minutes and Referral Triggers saved and can be used to build your personal website.

  6. Amanda Taylor
    May 10, 2012 | 3:10 pm

    Coaches Workshop
    Summited by Linda Carroll from the Cumberland Team.

    -Elevator speech
    -Civic events when asked to say what you do
    -Post social media – Blog, tweet
    -When bring up a case like one in your InfoMinute
    -Put on signature
    -Put on the website
    -Tweet the red card

    Where do you use a tagline
    -add tagline to things like signature file

    Update profile page on PowerCore.net – use purple card and put it under your picture. People are looking at this as a source for referrals

  7. Amanda Taylor
    May 11, 2012 | 10:00 am

    Jim Klun submits these notes from West Marietta Team.

    “Taking InfoMinute Beyond the meeting”

    Make copies of your InfoMinutes so you can share to the Team for clients who need them. By giving an InfoMinute to our own clients we teach them what a good referral is and it could trigger new client referrals for us.

    Cynthia Hall used her InfoMinute at a branch meeting to help identify clients for her.

    By using our InfoMinute in unexpected places we make ourselves “stand out” in a crowd away from others in our same business category.

    By using the red and gold cards from InfoMinutes to update our tag lines in emails we can generate interest and cause people to inquire more deeply into what we do.

    By changing the tag line in emails on a weekly basis we accomplish two goals:
    A) We spark a different idea or referral that might not have connected the previous week.
    B) We create ongoing interest for people who are curious to see what you will post next week.

    By using your InfoMinute in a blogging you can boost your Google rankings and make ourselves more visible. By changing it weekly it could again trigger new types of referrals.

    Having a solution in your InfoMinute may answer someone’s problem before they ever thought you were able to provide a solution.

    Update your PowerCore profile – it is a recognized source of information that people search for information to their problems.

    If you have required customer calls in your business instead of leaving the same message over and over use parts of your InfoMinutes in their machine to generate
    interest in your sphere of influence by spreading it you teach your circle how and who to refer to you.

    Business Facebook – a great place to establish credibility because potential clients can see how many other people like your business and services.

    LinkedIn – becoming more and more used by the professional community.
    Using your InfoMinute can generate additional interest by people who might have not seen you before.

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