June Monthly Focus – The 7 Characteristics of a GateOpener

The 7 Characteristics of a GateOpener

1: A GateOpener is a classification, not a person.
2: A GateOpener’s activity precedes mine.
3: A GateOpener’s activity coincides with mine.
4: A GateOpener’s client’s symptoms are the
     same as mine.
5: GateOpeners see their clients as a whole,
     and do not want to be the sole provider.
6: A GateOpener gets personal benefit from my activity.
7: A GateOpener is not my client.

To identify GateOpeners, find the 17 observable characteristics that your 5 best clients
(Best = Fun + Profitable) have in common. Then ask who that Best Client composite takes advice from for your classification.

To get GateOpener introductions we have to know how we give them benefit.
It can’t be from referrals (we won’t have enough) and “good service” is a baseline. What do we do that makes their business better? What do they want? Share that in an InfoMinute to give Members the script to make a 3-way connection.

Every business needs to identify six GateOpener classifications,
and then cultivate 10 people in each classification,
and track receiving at least one referral a month from each of those 60 people. When we have the width of six classifications, and the depth of 10 resources, we have a credible claim to a referral-based business.



2 Responses to June Monthly Focus – The 7 Characteristics of a GateOpener
  1. Sid Plait
    June 18, 2012 | 5:19 pm

    In my search over six years for GateOpeners, I have only been able to come up with one useful classification. At first, I picked three that I thought would be good, but over time I was proven wrong in all three categories.

    I am a computer/technology consultant (IT guy) who’s clients are homeowners and micro businesses (1 – 9 employees). My only GateOpener classification is IT companies working with much larger businesses. They refer requests for work at home (“My spouse’s PC is very slow”) to me for a number of reasons that make lots of sense.

    I get great referrals from them!

    Does anyone have any other suggestions for me? I’ve tried Home Theater companies, CPAs, Security companies, and Realtors (I can tear down their clients’ setup in their old home and get it up and running at the new one right before they move in). I don’t get many referrals from any of these classifications.

    • Wendy Kinney
      June 19, 2012 | 1:38 pm

      Sid, this is a perfect example of why the Best Client exercise is so important! I do not believe we can “brainstorm” for GateOpeners – I think we have to identify the 17 characteristics of our 5 best clients, and then ask questions 2-6 above.

      Hard work?
      Worth it?


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