Sandy Springs Sets A New High Bar

The Sandy Springs Team is the first Team, ever, in the history of online Referral Trigger answers, to have 100% participation on the FIRST DAY of the week they take point. Every Member {including a New Member who hadn’t received her welcome ceremony yet!} answered the Referral Trigger question on Monday.

To commemorate such a momentus achievement the Team received a unique award board. The only one of its kind. Until, of course their record is broken!

Each week one Team takes point answering the Referral Trigger on the home page. There are 17 benefits to this. The first four are:

  1. An update to each Member’s personal profile page.  
    To see this click on the Sandy Springs Team and then select a Member.
    You’ll notice the answer to the Referral Trigger question under Recent Comment, on the left side of the page.
  2. Since the website is designed to use each Member’s name in the URL, this is Google juice!
  3. Teams that have 100% participation are invited to a party at George & Wendy’s loft, and
  4. Get a 100% pin for their badge.

To congratulate or challenge the Sandy Springs Team,
find out how Hamza, the ParticipationCoOrdinator and Morgan, the MembershipCoOrdinator made 100% happen in 1 day,
or add benefits 5 – 17, 
click comments.

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