The TeamCoOrdinator’s Magic Script – works like magic! I promise!

Now, now that you’ve received the approved slate, 
(Please do not move forward if you have not received the approved slate.
It will be embarrassing for all three of us if you have to rescind an offer.)  
now there are three things to do: 

1: Get with your LeadershipCore and prioritize your nominees.
If you sent three names for each role, and if some Member’s names 
were in more than one position, it’s important to prioritize who your
first choice is for each role before moving forward  to

2: Each current Officer makes the nominating phone call to the
nominee for their role, using the Magic Script

Here’s an example of the Magic Script in action:


And here’s a copy for you to use when making your call.
(Each Officer receives their own version of the Magic Script)

Hello! I’m calling with good news and congratulations!
You are our Team’s nominee for TeamCoOrdinator for next term.
My role is to give you the duties and responsibilities, and see if
you think this would be a good way for you to benefit from participating.

Is this a good time for you?

Great! The TeamCoOrdinator is responsible for making sure the meeting
is a good place to be at 7 o’clock in the morning, and making sure that
we end by 8:30 so we can be with clients by 9:00.

The TeamCoOrdinator is the chair of the LeadershipCore, which is made
up of the five Officers; the liaison with the location; and tracks the We Did
Business stats. They also delegate a few things like Treasurer, and TimeKeeper,
and Keeper of the Box.

The term goes from April to January, and there’s a two-hour training the
third week of March, so that all new Officers come to the table with complete

Does this sound like a way that you would benefit from participating?

I will log your name in as accepting;
expect an email from Amanda with a link to sign up for training;
and I’ll look forward to announcing to our Team that you will be
our next TeamCoOrdinator.


 When they say yes, (and they will — like magic!)

3: Go to the Officer’s Toolbox at (be sure you’re logged in)
and notice that the new top drawer is Incoming Officers Who Accepted.

Enter their name, and Amanda will email them a link to register for training.
The due date is February 17. 

That’s it!
Enjoy the magic  –  W!

Questions? Comments? Bumps? Call me at 404-816-3377 or by cell: 404-784-0699,
or text to 404-784-0699, or email, or send a smoke signal. 


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