It’s Time To Turn Over — materials

Good Morning TeamCoOrdinators!

At the end of this week’s meeting hand the black briefcase to your incoming TeamCoOrdinator. (Look around for extras too.  You might find referral records, We Did Business slips, MembershipJournals and applications. Just scoop it all up, put it in a bag, and give it to the incoming TeamCoOrdinator. You’ll feel so — free!)

Whether materials are sitting in a closet or a trunk, they aren’t being used; that means they have to be replaced — which is the same as paying for them twice. So look around, and send everything you can to be recycled and reused.

DO NOT send your personal MembershipJournal with your current Officer’s Manual.
Keep that.
We’ll give that space in the briefcase to the incoming TCO for their own MembershipJournal.

According to this inflation calculator $90 in 1995 is $135 now. PowerCore membership has beaten the cost of inflation (we’re increasing from $110 to $115) for sixteen years because Officers are careful to return all materials that haven’t been used, so that they can be.

Can you remember your excitement, 10 months ago, when you arrived for Officer Training? That’s how your incoming TeamCoOrdinator feels now! 

With gratitude for your leadership,
and excitement for what is to come –

Gear up for referrals  ~  W! 

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