What To Do When There’s Competition At The Table

Good morning, Wendy!

I invited a family law attorney ( Michael Brennan from the Highway 74 team) to sub for me.  
I didn’t do it through an official PowerCore website request; I just sent him an e-mail and
he accepted.  What if (and I know this is improbable, but things happen) everyone else who
asked a sub had also requested a family law attorney and we wound up having three of them
on the same day?  Is there something I should be doing when I request a sub to make sure
no one else has already invited that classification to sub?
Sheila L. Rambeck
Attorney at Law
RambeckLaw PC
14 Eastbrook Bend, Suite 215
Peachtree City, GA 30269
(770) 631-2334
Thanks for the question Sheila, because
  1. This happens more frequently than you would imagine,
    (I’ve been at a meeting with three subbing photographers.)
  2. Using the website sub finder wouldn’t solve the problem.

First the answer:  No.
No – there’s nothing you have to do about it.
No – there’s nothing you can do about it.
No – it’s not your problem.

Now the resolution:
they have to work and play well with each other.

It’s the only way they are going to get any value from subbing.

On our own Team we’re guaranteed a classification without competition.
That guarantee is not given to subs, who are accepting a different opportunity.

So the real question is,
what should you do
if you show up to sub
and JJB  and Bernie
are there too?

Be sure you talk about something different.

Go up to them before the meeting and ask what their InfoMinute is going to be about.
If one says Chapter 13, and one says Chapter 11, then you take Chapter 7.
If one says assets, and one says obligations, then you take taxes.
If one says medical and one says business, you take parents.

We show ourselves credible when we’re gracious.
We’re gracious when we don’t step on their toes.

If you give your InfoMinute first,
and they step on your toes,
(It sounds, with hands on hips, like this:
“I do everything she said she can do, but I do it better than her.)

they become the person who is un-credible.
(Lucky for you!)

Here is a silver platter of gratitude
from all of  the people who were also wondering.

Sub and get referrals,  


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  1. Scott Baker
    May 23, 2017 | 4:41 am

    Excellent article. I will be facing some of these issues as well..

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