New Coaches

Chris Holzwarth and Creston Parker  added Coach Pins to their badges on Monday.

Coaches have been Officers (check Chris and Creston’s personal profiles to see their leadership trajectory) and can’t conflict with any Member of the Teams they coach. (Both Chris and Creston are “onlys” in their classification.)

The next step is a two-hour Coaches Traning, followed by an annual Coaches Update.

Coaches bring four particular benefits to Teams:

  1. A monthly workshop that synchronizes with the Referral Triggers and Mentor Moments,
  2. Supplies for each of the Officers,
  3. Team Scorecard and Coaches Meeting Report, (a movie and a monthly snapshot of the Team),
  4. and inter-Team introductions, so that PowerCore is larger than individual groups, it’s as large as the whole.


Thank you Chris and Creston for the value you bring to your own Teams, and the boost you’ll give to the North Point and Cumberland Teams.


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