Gloria Snyder Adds Two Pins in One Day

The Towne Lake Team welcomed  Gloria Snyder as a Visitor 10 years ago. She knows exactly what’s kept her coming to an early morning meeting, every Friday, for the past 10 years:

“Within 20 minutes—I was still sweating and shaking—I knew that this was going to be good for me, personally. And anything that’s good for me, personally, is good for my business.  It’s true. This has been good for my business for ten years.”

Gloria gets the credit for that. A quick look at her badge show that she’s been doing more than just showing up. She has a Hand pin, and added a second Teamworks pin on Friday for being an Angel Officer at the new Lassiter Team, and she’s a Coach.

So Gloria, it’s clear you’re getting exactly what you’re giving.  Congratulations to you!

One Response to Gloria Snyder Adds Two Pins in One Day
  1. Deb Luedtke
    November 13, 2013 | 11:41 am

    Congratulations, Gloria!

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