Mark Sobel-Sorrell Gives A Hand

Mark Sobel-Sorrell  received the rare Hand pin at the Towne Lake Team on Friday.
There are five Officer positions, and we refer to them using the finger and hand metphor.

As a year 14 year Member, Mark’s pin was earned the hard way … staring in the olden days!
We haven’t always had five Officers. There used to just be two:
Captain held the responsibilities covered by the TeamCoOrdinator and the VisitorCoOrdinator;
CoCaptain was responsible for the duties of the ParticipationCoOrdinator and the MembershipCoOrdinator.

Adding the Hand pin to his badge is one more way to see that Mark has been a participating Member, in every way for … coming up on 15 years! (Watch for that pin in February.)


One Response to Mark Sobel-Sorrell Gives A Hand
  1. Deb Luedtke
    November 13, 2013 | 11:42 am

    Congratulations, Mark!

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