You Gotta Know WHEN To Say It

For the past year I’ve been doing specific research about timing.
The |when| of referrals.
Here’s the new information:

if your business has cycles,
it’s crucial to talk about that cycle
 three months |before| the need or event. 

Sales use just-in-time information.
Referrals need time to percolate.

We’ve just passed Valentines Day,
so let’s use that as an example. 
InfoMinutes or  a 7-Minute Presentation in February
to promote Valentines Gifts
might result in some sales to Members . . .
but I can’t show any referral results.

      • A referral happens when a Member at the table
        introduces you to a client who is not at the table. 
      • The three of you are the triangle of a referral. 
      • If it’s Member-to-Member it’s not a referral triangle–it’s a straight line sale.

(And–quick reminder–We Did Business slips
marked Member-to-Member are
the most likely to be marked On Base,
and the least likely to be coded Grand Slam.)

So how do you put this information into action?

Plot your business cycles.

  • CPAs know they’re going to be busy March 15, April 15, and October 15. 
  • Jewelers and florists know Valentines Day is in February.
  • Wedding photographers have June, August and September.

Decide how much marketing time you’re going to spend on this topic.

  • six minutes (six weeks of InfoMinutes) 
  • or eight minutes ( a 7-Minute Presentation and that week’s InfoMinute) 
  • or 11 minutes (a 7-Minute Presentation, that week’s InfoMinute, and three additional week’s InfoMinutes)

Move back in the calendar three months,

  • figure out when your closest 7-Minute Presentation is likely to be scheduled, 
  • and plan your referral focused promotion.

Last week Valerie asked me how many times
a year people have a chance to do a 7-Minute.
Here’s how to figure your personal answer:
There are 100 7-Minute opportunities a year — two each week.
Divided the number of Members in your Team into 100.
If there are 20 Members in your Team, you’ll get five 7-Minutes a year.

Here’s another calculator:
Divide the number of Members in your Team by 2.
20 Members divided by 2 is 10.
That means there will be 10 weeks between
7-Minute Presentations.
Plus or minus a little scheduling flexibility.

What is the most profitable thing to be talking about right now?
What’s going to be happening in your industry in June?

Plan for it.
Get referrals.

I created a new Editorial Calendar worksheet
for the workshop we did on PowerCruise II.
If you’d like a .pdf, email Amanda
If you’ve taken the Filling the Filing Cabinet Workshop
it will be a snap for you to understand. 
If you haven’t, schedule coffee with a Member of your Team who has,
and work on your calendars together.

One Response to You Gotta Know WHEN To Say It
  1. John Drawdy
    February 17, 2014 | 2:40 pm

    Powerful. I was going to start focusing on tax return infominutes, but that ship has sailed. Instead I need to focus on monthly accounting (my home run) clients.

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