How To Wield the Invitation Superpower

I hail from Woodstock.
When I sub on another Team,
for instance the Vinings Team,
what area is appropriate to meet
for lunch or coffee.

Since I wrote out the slip to meet
should I drive to Vinings?
Or, is it alright to ask that person
to meet half way?

Does it matter who wrote the slip?

This has not been an issue,
I was just curious about the etiquette.

Tyler Verlander
The Doggy Dorm

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This is an important question, Tyler,
and there are three answers:

Short answer:
If the person is a potential GateOpener for you,
make life VERY easy for them.

Alternate answer:
If they’re a potential GateOpener,
they may actually want to see your place . . .
verify, then offer.

Non GateOpener answer:
This is peer-to-peer – so make it easy for both of you.
1: Ask where they live and work – 
2: suggest a place halfway between
3: or suggest a time when you’re going to be subbing on a nearby Team
(Marietta Square, Cumberland) and could combine a coffee after that trip.

Your second question is: Does it matter who wrote the slip?

Inviting effectively is a superpower.
People do business with people who like them, 
an invitation is an exceptionally effective way to show liking.

The person who writes the slip
is responsible for suggesting a date, time and location.

The other person either
accepts, or suggests an alternate.

The rules are the same as the rules for inviting someone out on a date: the person inviting says why, where and when. The person receiving the invitation responds confirming or negotiating.


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