Tommy Schlosser Leads The Field With The Bling To Show For It

Tommy Schlosser, TeamCoOrdinator on the Whitlock Avenue Team added an MVP and a podcast pin in one day. He’s not new to the pin routine. In addition to Silver Stars for being an Officer  or a 2nd every term (TCO, PCO and MtCO so far, with MembershipCoOrdinator coming up this term, so he’ll be only one away from the Hand Pin), he has the Gold Star for inviting five people who joined, and now the MVP for 15 — clearly on his way to the Shooting Star pin and trophy!  His invitation method is referenced as “The Tommy Schlosser Technique” in the blog post “Should I Invite A Visitor I Won’t Refer To.”

Tommy also served on the Design Team for the new Orientation format, and has since become an Orientation Panelist, with a PowerWings pin to recognizing that. Watch for Tommy’s GateOpener story in an upcoming Referral Well podcast – bank deposits that happened because he’s not just attended, but done the work from  InfoMinute Seminar, Filling the Filing Cabinet, 7-Minute Presentation Workshop, Best Client Workshop, (ask him for his Best Client list) and GateOpener Workshop.

But wait, there’s more! The Inaugural Invitational happened on Tommy’s leadership watch. If you don’t recognize the words, look for the huge 2015 pin on a badge near you, and ask them about it.  Tommy Schlosser is a leader who takes action. The sparkle on his badge is simply a reflection of the sparkle in his eye from the next referral marketing adventure he’s working on! 

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  1. JB Kitts
    January 22, 2015 | 8:12 am

    Tommy always leads by example and the Whitlock Avenue team has benefited greatly because he does! Keep on earning those pins Tommy!

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