Peter Tarantino Adds Two Pins In One Day

Peter Tarantino joined the 10 Year Club  and added a PowerWings pin on the same day. For 10 years he’s been asking himself, on Thursday evening, when he sets his alarm clock, “Is 7 o’clock tomorrow morning something I want to do?” Consistently, 500 times, the answer has been yes. Don’t you want to know why?

“I’m a capitalist. So I’m here.” That’s a long time to be consistent, I pressed. Peter continued, “About three months ago, in anticipation of this 10 year pin, I went back and looked at my revenue and I was able to track the revenue generated from PowerCore  I was able to go back about 7 years and some of the connections are 6 generations deep. They had generated bank deposits well into the 6 figures. So that’s why I’m here at 7 o’clock every Friday morning. It’s well worth it to me.”

Around the table ooh’s and wow’s mingled with applause and celebration.

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