Confidence Creates Credibility.

I snapped this at Dancing Goats on North Avenue  -- I want to be friends with this person!

I snapped this at Dancing Goats on North Avenue — I want to be friends with this person!

The Purple Card in an InfoMinute is short – just five seconds – and it tells why you’re good at what you do.
Examples I use frequently are Mary Galardi’s “I work with a clean clear desk”, my sister-in-law’s “I’m a certified picky person”, and my own “I’m good at remembering names.”

During InfoMinute Seminar I share three ways to develop Purple Cards:

  1. What comes naturally to you. (Both Mary’s and my sister-in-law’s fit here)
  2. What have you worked hard to learn. (There’s my “I’m good at remembering names.”)
  3. Make a cliche personal.  (One of mine from the cliche I’m well organized is “I work from a checklist.”)

Then I give an assignment to write 5 Purple Cards a day until you have 200.
This is because, as Jim Mothorpe and I were discussing, InfoMinutes aren’t just for PowerCore meetings – an InfoMinute is the profitable way to have conversations that answer the question “What do you do?”. See yourself shaking hands in a networking event and being asked “What do you do”? The answer needs to take one minute;  five seconds of that minute has to be a reason why you’re good. If the conversation goes on for 30 minutes only 15 of those minutes will be yours, and every one of those 15 minutes must include a Purple Card.

The reason why we require an inventory of 200 Purple Cards is because it’s not possible to think and talk and listen at the same time.
It’s not possible to think of a Purple Card on the fly — which is why it’s commonly skipped.

Rachel Johnston sent this text:
“Do you happen to have advice for working on Purple Cards?!? – possibly putting a Purple Purpose group together  ;-)”
and I thought “Hang on! I want to try something new . . .”

  • Here’s my concept: we teach what we need to learn.
  • PowerCore Coaches and Orientation Essentials Panelists are Members who’ve grabbed the opportunity to learn and network by teaching.
  • Facilitating a Purple Card Workshop would be an excellent networking opportunity for other Members.
  • The first one will be on Marketing Money Monday, after InfoMinute Seminar.
  • Members who attend would be certified to facilitate future Purple Card Workshops.
  • Future workshops would happen on Marketing Money Monday (the third Monday of the Month),
    • because we have all five classrooms at Belhaven, and generally only use three.
    • either from 8:30 – 10,
    • or from 11:00 – 12:30
    • facilitator’s choice.
  • Two certified facilitators would run each session – the way there are three Panelists for Orientation Essentials.
  • InfoMinute Seminar would be a prerequisite.

Two things:
1: What are you thinking? Click here and scroll down to comments, please share.

2: If you’re up for that first session, and facilitating future sessions, click here.
The first session is limited to eight people.
InfoMinute Seminar in the last 12 months is a prerequisite.

Wear a helmet and hang on!
Together we’ll create something new.

Excitedly, W!


PS – if this made no sense at all to you, click here:


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