Where to Mine for Purple Cards


Last week I explored a gold mine and panned for gold with Tanner (7) and Mason (10).
We learned from Miner Josh that the biggest chunks of gold were found right on the surface.

Meanwhile, Jill Pullen discovered a new vein rich in Purple Cards:

“I was just scanning feed forward cards from a 7 minute and the feedback was a source for about 5 purple cards. Another place to mine for things that make a person different…”

“oooh,” I replied, “give me some examples?”

“When you explain technical things I understand them. Thank you. “
“How do you keep from doing the same things for every client. Wouldn’t that be easier?”
“Your visuals really help me understand how people move around online when they’re trying to decide what to buy.”
“I’m so thankful to have you to tell me what I really ought to worry about vs. the things that sound scary but aren’t.”
So obviously these aren’t the purple cards but they are definitely the inspiration for them.
A Purple Card is a five second differentiator.
If you received these four FeedForward Card comments how would you turn them into Purple Cards for future InfoMinutes?
Here’s my run – add yours in the comments.
  • I’m good at explaining technical concepts.
  • I use a metaphor from my client’s industry to explain technical concepts.
  • I don’t move forward until I verify that my client understands the technical concepts we’re using.
  • I always have 1000 ideas – so each client gets a new one.
  • I understand the value of being unique, so I create a new strategy for each client.
  • When I’m working with a client, my focus is on what their clients want – and that is always different than any other client I’ve worked with.
  • I use pictures as well as words to explain how people see websites.
  • I can diagram what people are thinking when they look at a website.
  • I can translate computer-speak.
  • (I’ve got a “separating a hard boiled egg from the shell” thought going on, but haven’t cleaned it up yet!)

Every InfoMinute needs a Purple Card.
It’s what we use when we’re referring a client.
We say, “You’ll enjoy working with her, she’s good at explaining technical concepts.”
The Purple Card is why our client asks for an introduction.

Three assignments:

  1. Add your Purple Cards for Jill in the comments. (find this post here: http://powercore.net/powerresources/wendys-desk/ )
  2. On the Ah-HA! side of FeedForward Cards this month give 7-Minute Presenters the gift of a Purple Card.
  3. Pull out your FeedForward Cards and do a bit of mining.

All three assignments are fun and, surprise!, more profitable than mining for gold.



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