“Everyone is a great client for me” is not ever true – Best Client version

Tyler‘s experience isn’t unique: (May I Tell Him He’s Wrong)

  • She was prospected:
    he asked how I handle credit card processing for my business”
  • She responded:
    “I don’t. I only accept check or cash and I do not intend on changing any time soon.”
  • He corrected her:
    “My specialty is in your industry. A growing business should accept all methods, especially in yours where the industry is growing so quickly.”

Think about his InfoMinute.
Bet it sounds like “A good referral for me is anybody in the pet industry, because I specialize in the pet industry.”

Tyler is in the pet industry, and she’s not even faintly interested. She said “I do not intend on changing any time soon.”

Obviously “I specialize” + “industry” does not = client.

His script “a growing business should isn’t going to change her mind.
He hasn’t established the credibility to make her seek, let alone take, his advice.
Which is why knowing Best Client characteristics is vital.

A Best Client profile identifies the person who wants to hire you.
Who gets value from you.
Who is eager for your advice. Who doesn’t argue about your fee. Who appreciates the way you’ve set up your business.

So far today I’ve spoken with 13 people interested in PowerCore — well, you’ll qualify that statement in a second.  Two were in classifications where there aren’t currently any openings, and two others just plain weren’t interested. The first was so funny I wrote down his words in order as soon as he hung up:

“You’ve got to go to these meetings
that everybody rolls their eyes at –
but if you don’t go to the meetings
you don’t get referrals.”

Aren’t you glad I didn’t sent him to your Team!  He’s in a classification that is filled in all but one Team. It’s not about the industry — it’s him.

Question: are you ready to attract Best Clients?
Here’s how:
1: Make a grid with six columns.

2: At the top of columns 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 write the first names of your five best clients ever.
They don’t have to be current clients – think about all of the clients you’ve ever had, and pull out the five that were both the most fun to work with and the most profitable. Those five.

3: Now start asking questions in the first column: what’s their business? under each name write the answer.
Next question: where do they live? write the answer under each name.
Car? Kids? Pets? Answers.  Keep asking questions until you have 17 lines where your five Best Clients have the same answer.

[All five of Tommy’s Best Client’s wive’s [1]have a graduate degree, [2]are full-time homemakers, [3]raising three kids, and {this is my favorite} [4]have blonde hair.]

With the 17 things these five people have in common, you have a clear Best Client profile.
Next week — how to use it to generate referrals.






2 Responses to “Everyone is a great client for me” is not ever true – Best Client version
  1. Melissa Howell
    October 3, 2020 | 8:04 pm

    Love this! YES! I live by this with my Marketing clients! Don’t waste your limited time trying to attract clients that aren’t your clients – define your clients and make them see what problem you are solving! When I started my business, I was frustrated/surprised/perplexed that people didn’t know their ideal clients. Now the favorite part of my business is helping them define them! My favorite 7 minutes are about knowing who your ideal peeps are!

  2. Wendy Kinney
    October 12, 2020 | 1:03 pm

    Great idea, Melissa, to coach new Members to talk about their best clients in their first 7-Minute. Most people want to talk about themselves … which is not who we refer for.

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