“Everyone is a great client for me” is not ever true – InfoMinute Green Card version

Tyler felt spammed (Best Client version) because she wasn’t seen. She was lumped. Eeeewww.

It was the script: “my specialty is in your industry.”  (May I Tell Him He’s Wrong?)  that created her predictable response: “I’m unique – so I am not your client.”

Think about the differences between an elevator pitch and an InfoMinute.

ElevatorSale ____ ReferralConnection
An elevator pitch is meant
to turn a conversation partner
into a client.
An InfoMinute is meant to
generate repeated “I’m going
to introduce you to Bob; he
would like to
talk with you”

referral introductions.
It’s the difference between a
straight line of communication
 GreenArrow and a triangle
straightline Metaphor of communication. Concept. 3d illustration
“I specialize in the pet industry”
is a straight line sales script.
“I’m a good referral for
the owner of a doggy day care
who is opening a second
location” is a referral generating
InfoMinute Green Card.

Every InfoMinute has a Green Card.
Green cards have two parts:
WHO (always a person)
HOW (a behavior).

Think of the two parts the way you’d think of naming a Chinese Restaurant,
pick one from each column and voila –

____ China













There are three ways
to identify a WHO:1: by name,
Jane Smith

2: by title,
Practice Manager

3: by relationship,

——— There are five behaviors –
five ways to say HOW:1: words they say
2: facial expression
3: tone of voice
4: body language
5: work product


Here’s my list – add yours in the comments:

Jane Smith

Managing partner

Church pastor


Marketing VP

Dog trainer

Massage therapist









1: gives you their new business card

2: grins when you talk about camping

3: laughs every time you see them

4: is always first to stick out a hand
to shake hands

5: works from a list, writes everything
on the list, and checks off the list.

6: served in the military

7: calls you back when you
send an email

8: just opened their second location

9: just hired a full time sales person

10: with 15 trucks on the road

11: orders wine with lunch


One Response to “Everyone is a great client for me” is not ever true – InfoMinute Green Card version
  1. Tommy Schlosser
    January 31, 2017 | 10:16 am

    The irony is not lost on me that most people who say EVERYONE is a client often have the hardest time in identifying to whom and how we should introduce them. It takes work!

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