David Arnold’s Story of Bud

On November 3, 1997, Realtor David Arnold joined the Cumberland PowerCore Team.
In 2002 he received a “lead” to a co-worker of a Visitor who came to one meeting and did not join.

David spoke with Bud and stayed in touch with him for 6 months until Bud used David as his agent on a $270,000 purchase.

Of course, this is a good story, but it gets better!
Bud referred David to his “soon to be” former girl friend. She bought a home in 2004. Then Bud referred David to his boss (who later became his new girl friend) she bought a home in 2004.

2005 became “The year of Bud”. Bud’s dad move to town in 2005. David was his Realtor.
Girl friend #1 referred David to a high school friend …
who referred him to another high school friend.
Bud got bored with the house and 5 acres and called David to sell it along with 10 additional acres that he had purchase along the way (total sale price $1 million),
then he bought a townhome to simplify his life,
and referred a business acquaintance.

In 2006 David received sad news … Bud had fallen in love with a girl in Kansas and was moving. Before he left he needed to sell his townhome.

Here’s the math: A “lead” from a Visitor who did not join resulted in 10 closed deals totaling $2.9 million in sales and about $90k in commissions, in 4 years.

But wait, there’s good news! Bud called a couple of months ago and he may be moving back to town! Somethinq about a girl.

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