How Do I Identify Potential New Members?

If you click through the pictures on the home page you’ll see Members getting Gold Star, MVP, and Shooting Star awards.
Gold Star means they’ve invited five people who joined. MVP is for 15. Shooting Star is for 25.
Beside their picture you’ll find their answer to the question “What do you say when you’re inviting a Visitor to a 7am meeting?”
Mark Weiss says “Where do you network?”
John Bennett shares his personal benefits.
Nancy Davis asks “Do you have all the money and clients you want?”

For more examples, hover over Power Resources and click the fourth line, Worth Noticing.
Then look at the titles and click to read more. At the bottom left of each web page you can click the link for previous recognition.

there’s another answer:
PowerCore Members often have a lot of competition (think insurance agent, or real estate agent, or attorney);
they tend to be in service or information based businesses (think landscaper, or dentist, or CPA);
or their business is so new, or so unique, that potential clients don’t even realize they exist – like a professional organizer, hardscaper, and life care planner – or an attorney or dentist or CPA who just opened their own office.

there’s another answer! Hover over Power Resources and click the second line, Member Directory, to see the classifications of all current Members. You’ll meet people who are just exactly and not at all like them. Use an invitation to visit your Team as a tool to follow through. You’ll be impressive.

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