What I got from lunch – with Susan Morley

Susan Morley likes burgers – when she suggested Mix’d up Burgers for lunch, I said yes!
Here are my three best take-aways:

1: When I walked in Susan wasn’t there yet, so I told the smiling woman at the register I would wait.
She responded with “Would you like a glass of water while you’re waiting?”


A Referral Marketing file cabinet has four drawers:

  1. Advertising
  2. GateOpeners
  3. Referrals, and
  4. Customer Service

We each need six customer service differentiators in that fourth drawer.
Danika {yes, I know her name – she did two additional things, so asked her if she wanted a job.} created a phenomenal customer experience for us.

If you and I went to lunch, what customer extra, like a glass of water, would you suggest for PowerCore?

2: Susan‘s purpose was to prep for my introduction at her Team in a few weeks. She shared her thought process – I probably get introduced a lot. People probably say the same things. What could she do that was different — and then she surprised me: How, she wondered, could she use the superpower that makes her valuable to her clients to introduce me?

What a great way to

  1. -let me experience her business – without being pitched
  2. -promote her personal superpower – I don’t know a lot of people who are great at this
  3. -showcase her unique credibility to her Team.

Lunch lasted more than 45 minutes. It was deep, and fun, and valuable. Thank you, Susan.



3: A few weeks ago I had a similar appointment with a the same purpose with Amy Yarkoni.

Amy shared the title of the book she’s reading, The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks; I was listening to it on the way to lunch. The chapter {five} is about identifying, and owning your superpower. I’d bookmarked it because this is  the Purple Card in an InfoMinute – why you? instead of anyone else who does what you do? – and the metaphor Hendricks uses would be great to use at InfoMinute Seminar.

I pulled out my phone to show Susan the book – since clearly she understood its premise – and she whooped “THE BIG LEAP – I LOVE THAT BOOK! I’ve read it three times.”

And that was perhaps, the fourth thing we’d found in common! (We started with the same brand {Leuchtturm} and color {hot pink} of notebook!)




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