What to DO to GET Referrals: Element: Action | Topic: Credibility – Time

Referral Trigger for the week of December 18
Topic: Element: Action | Topic: Credibility
Conversation lead by the North Fulton Team (100% responses achieved)

Walk us through the timing when a prospect reaches out to you.

  • What is the usual time frame for your response?
  • How long do they generally take to reply?
  • What is the next time marker?

Of course things vary
– tell us the timeframe for your best clients
– the ones who are both profitable and enjoyable.


20 Responses to What to DO to GET Referrals: Element: Action | Topic: Credibility – Time
  1. Anna Parker-Hemming
    December 15, 2017 | 10:15 am

    Pressure Washing can be a competitive industry, I set myself the target of responding within 24hours, but always try to respond to my clients the same day. My best residential clients make quick decisions and with just one phone call I am able to establish their needs, provide them with a quote and have the job booked by the end of the conversation. The next time I speak with my client is the day before I am due to pressure wash their property, I contact them by phone to reconfirm all the details for the following day and give them another opportunity to ask any questions they may have thought of since our initial conversation. I like my clients to feel they have my full attention and are appreciated every time I speak with them.

  2. Stephen
    December 15, 2017 | 12:13 pm

    As a financial counselor, people are reaching out to me if they are typically motivated & ready to get started. I try to respond the same business day, if possible, but never wait more than 24 hours. My first interaction is used to get a time set up for an initial consultation. My best client responds within the hour because they are THAT motivated to get started on paying down their debt or learning more about how to save money or do a budget. If I don’t hear back from a client, I’ll typically follow-up within a week with a very simple reminder that I’m here to help whenever they need me. Once i have an initial consultation with a client then the next interaction is usually a face to face session in my office.

    Stephen Newland – MoneyPath

  3. Shaun St. Hill
    December 16, 2017 | 9:55 am

    When a client is contacting me about phone and internet service, I like to reply within 24 hours. If they’re serious, the response from them is also within 24 hours. After those first two interactions, I like schedule a time to visit the client (in person or video conference) and get into the details of the project. Once we establish a project budget and timeline, I like to follow up every 72 hours especially if it’s a new install or end of life product change.

  4. Jeanne Bynum Hipes
    December 18, 2017 | 6:30 pm

    When someone gets to a point that he or she needs to call a lawyer, s/he wants to talk to someone NOW! We have receptionists available all day long (9:00 to 6:00) to answer the phone immediately and obtain basic information about the person’s problem. The receptionsts promptly provide the information gathered to me and our Legal Assistant, who, if at all possible, promptly calls the potential client back to obtain and provide additional information and see if the potential client would like to schedule an appointment. Out legal assistant makes every effort to call back clients and potential clients immediately the same day, but in no event later than 24 hours after their initial call. My Legal Assistant then makes a mutually convenient appointment for the client to meet with me, so we can sit down and discuss face to face the details of their legal problem and possible ways to resolve it. This initial consultation usually lasts from 60 to 90 minutes, sometimes a little longer if necessary. During this meeting, I listen carefully to the problem at hand, and discuss with the client their options, and how we can assist in resolving the matter. If they wish to move forward with retaining us to handle their legal issue, we send them usually within a day or two of the initial consultation an engagement agreement that details our fee arrangement and other terms of our working together. Once that agreement is signed and returned to us, we proceed to gather facts and take agreed upon steps to commence the dispute resolution process.

  5. Tom Martin
    December 18, 2017 | 8:02 pm

    Whenever a potential client reaches out and I will respond as quickly as possible and always the same day. Most will reply within a day as they are usually looking for information about coaching which is tied to a solution they seek. But if I haven’t heard from them within 24 hours of my initial attempt, I will reach out again which a link to my calendar to help facilitate a conversation.

    My best clients reply quickly. They have specific questions about how I might be able to help them and if those answers are favorable, they are ready to start.

  6. Carrie Jones
    December 18, 2017 | 9:14 pm

    A prospect will contact The Hive Solution when they realize they are wearing too many hats and they can offload one or more of those hats. They are seeking an office solution for phone answering, scheduling and/or admin support.

    I respond as soon as possible (not later than 24 hours) with an email and/or phone call to determine their needs, explain our service offerings, and offer our support. If responding by email, my best clients answer my email or return my call within 24 hours. Typically, we’ll arrange a convenient time for a face-to-face meeting, phone call or video chat to learn more about each other. The day before our meeting, one of my “bees” will call to confirm our appointment and location.

    The next step is for me to follow up again within a week (or as mutually determined during our meeting). Our best clients will quickly make the decision to hire us. Then the onboarding process begins.

  7. Art Bottoms
    December 18, 2017 | 9:16 pm

    When a prospect reaches out to me, I will try to respond within 12 Hours. I will try to set up a face to face meeting to make sure I understand their needs and to make sure I can add value to their business.

    I know fairly quick in the face to face meeting if they have real needs I can help them with and they know also, the meeting becomes a scheduling discussion on when I can start interviewing their staff and when can I start.

  8. Andrew Jones Jr.
    December 18, 2017 | 9:32 pm

    We like to respond immediately when possible. After hours we’ll respond the next morning, and on weekends it’s on Monday morning.
    The next time marker is generally within 5 days from the first contact for me to be on site and look at the proposed job.
    Once an estimate is approved the job is typically booked 2-3 weeks out depending on the scope of work.
    My best clients know that I am in demand and don’t wait until their issue becomes an emergency.

  9. Phil VanFossen
    December 19, 2017 | 6:00 am

    When a client reaches out to me, I try to take their call immediately, when I am on the phone, they are my first returned call. When they contact me via the website, I call them at my first opportunity. I try to set up a face to face at their home to review their needs their earliest convenience. FYI, we do make evening appointments also. Once the face to face is completed, we make our next appointment to come back and review our quote. Our quotes take approximately 1 week to get together and are based on allowances. If approved we moved to the selection process and formalize the quote. When that is approved, we can generally begin the work for their job within 2 weeks. The idea is to get our quote as exact as possible before we start a new job. We find this program works for all customers and helps to eliminate conflicts.

  10. Kimberly Colmey
    December 19, 2017 | 1:16 pm

    We have front desk staff available from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to field calls from prospects who are looking to set up an appointment with me for legal advise. The front desk staff handles the initial intake and conflict check and the sets the appointment as soon as the client’s calendar and my calendar can align. The next marker is the initial consult, where I meet face to face with the prospect and find out the issues. I start every consult with the phrase – “tell me what’s going on”. This allows the client to start leading the conversation and I can then interject and ask questions where necessary. The client will either retain that date and we can game plan how quickly we need to work on their case, or, they will come back later and retain us and we will begin work on their case at that time.

  11. Lynn Spencer
    December 22, 2017 | 9:15 am

    When a client calls or makes an internet inquiry to Killingsworth Spencer, I reach out to them immediately to 24 hours later. Generally, these folks have determined it’s time for professional tax help, whether their tax situations have become more complicated or they have received a letter from the IRS. I immediately ascertain what their needs are and schedule them to meet one of our CPAs which I believe will be the best fit for their situation and personality. Within a day to no more than a week and a half, we will meet with them one on one and begin an ongoing relationship.

  12. Bob Stone
    December 22, 2017 | 9:45 am

    When some one calls AccuAir they always get a live person almost 24 hours a day!
    We get all there contact info and set up an appointment for as soon as possible time.
    In the HVAC service business we don’t want our clients to have to wait. It can be very cold or warm outside when they need us.

    Bob Stone

  13. Jaad Nicholas
    December 22, 2017 | 11:48 am

    Typically, a potential client will get my contact information from their Realtor with a recommendation to call Jaad to get pre-approved for a mortgage. The client then calls me on my mobile number and I either answer right away, or call them back within a few business hours. Once we connect and discuss their scenario, the client needs to send me some income and asset documents. That typically takes them between an hour and a week 😊 The best clients normally get me the documents I need within two hours

    Jaad G. Nicholas, Mortgage Planner, FBC Mortgage

  14. Terence Dowling
    December 22, 2017 | 1:07 pm

    A customer usually reaches out to me via email or telephone. I usually reply within 24 hours.

    Their decision is usually made within a few days.

    I complete annual reviews. This would be the next time marker.

  15. Dr. Donna Goodwin
    December 22, 2017 | 1:14 pm

    Of course, as a doctor, I am obliged to respond immediately to any request to see me. Usually, someone will call my office or stop in the clinic and request to see me. At that point, I set them up for an appointment to come in and get an exam and any necessary adjustments and therapies. If someone leaves a voicemail for me, I call back as quickly as possible. The next time marker is the New Patient Appointment, when a detailed exam is done, a thorough history is taken, and any questions are addressed and answered. Each person is set up on a care plan that will work best for that person, and care begins with adjustments and physical therapies.

    My best patients keep their appointments on schedule and never hesitate to let me know if something new has happened that will require some extra attention and/or visits. Each person on every visit gets a quick evaluation after some observations and questions on my part to find out how that person is feeling on that day, and only necessary adjustments are done, along with physical therapies that will best fit that person’s care. At all times, clear communication between all parties results in the best outcome for each person.

    Dr. Donna B. Goodwin
    Blue Ribbon Chiropractic

    We’ve Got YOUR Back!!

  16. Trent Phillips
    December 22, 2017 | 1:16 pm

    We typically respond within 2 hours. the client will usually reply within a day or so of our response. We then try to meet with client and then identify their needs and put together a good solution that meets their needs. Our best clients respond quickly to any of our request and usually are ready to buy from us within a week or two of the initial contact.

  17. Mindy Wolf
    December 22, 2017 | 1:26 pm

    Most new clients call or email. I respond within a couple of hours (if not sooner), even if it is to let them know when I will be available to give them my undivided attention. Existing clients know a text message will alert me to a more pressing situation, to which I will respond as soon as possible. My steady clients and I decide what is needed and an efficient timetable for each of us to do our part. My best clients recognize that taking care of their legal needs is a team effort, not a spectator sport.

  18. Eric Wilson
    December 22, 2017 | 1:44 pm

    We try to contact the prospect right away. Then we follow up with an email with all of our contact information. Usually, they respond pretty quick but if we miss them we try to give them a week then we stretch it out for 2 weeks and we let our partner know who gave us the referral that we have tried and would you mind calling them to see if they are still interested or still need our service.

  19. Eugene Trace McCoy
    December 22, 2017 | 2:27 pm

    In order to get referrals, I try to make sure that my teammates have confidence in me and my ability to represent my product. Timeline for for representing my products can range from one day to couple of months depending on the urgency of the customer

  20. David Mills
    December 22, 2017 | 3:00 pm

    When a prospect reaches out to me they will typically get a call back within 15 minutes, if I am not with another client. If they are calling me about selling their home, when I call back I complete my Seller Questionnaire with them over the phone to gather information. My questions are designed to help me gain an understanding about their goals, their motivation, their sense of urgency and to set the listing appointment.
    My best clients want to and are ready to sell right now! Their home is picture ready and they want to buy a larger home with me in the same school district at the same time. This is the most profitable and enjoyable for me because I get two transactions with one client. I love my job!

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