What to SAY to GET Referrals: Element: Facts | Topic: InfoMinutes – Myth buster

Referral Trigger for the week of January 22
Topic: Element: Facts | Topic: InfoMinutes
Conversation lead by the Peachtree Corners Team

Share a commonly held belief in your industry
that you know is a myth.

  • How did you first start questioning the status quo?
  • What did you do to refine your knowledge?
  • What do you know, now, is more realistic, instead?



17 Responses to What to SAY to GET Referrals: Element: Facts | Topic: InfoMinutes – Myth buster
  1. Leah Kruszka
    January 19, 2018 | 10:24 am

    A commonly held myth in the fashion industry is that in order to get a job in the industry, one needs to go to fashion school to get a job. I always wanted to have that experience from the time I was in high school, but my parents didn’t approve of that decision, so I went for my Psychology degree instead. Luckily my knowledge from it has been called upon many times in my in Personal Wardrobe Styling/Image Consulting business.

    I started questioning the status quo once I knew I wanted to start my business, because I decided to forge ahead even though I didn’t study fashion. I have committed to travel to different cities every 6 months to take 30+ hours of training on trends, dressing for different body types, etc.

    Now that I am in the fashion business, I realize that anyone who is interested in it can break into it. However, there is a plethora of knowledge to learn in order to serve clients best. Being that I seek out education and am committed to 60 hours a year, I am a great resource for that woman who isn’t comfortable getting dressed in the morning, hates shopping, and hasn’t felt beautiful for much too long. I help women get dressed faster, and would love to help a woman you know who needs a confidence boost.

  2. Wendy Kinney
    January 19, 2018 | 11:38 am

    Misconception: there are clients to be met, money to be made, at big open networking events.

    Why I questioned: I wasn’t getting any clients – and couldn’t find people who were turning conversations into paying work – so I started asking questions and learning what was generating business.

    The process: I read. A lot. Because reading (like attending networking events) feels like action. [And, like attending networking events, reading without follow through generates no results.] Then I started testing, learning, revising, tracking – finding out what did, consistently, generate a new client.

    What I know:
    [1] Eye-contact matters. Without eye-contact there’s no new client. Eye-contact, across a table – lunch or coffee. Eye-contact while listening. And it’s really difficult to give my full eye-contact attention to more than one person at a time.
    [2] At a networking event spend at least six, and not more than 10 minutes with each person. Less than six minutes and they don’t remember me when I follow through. More than 10 minutes and I’m at a party, not a networking event, because I’m missing the opportunity to meet new people. The goal at a networking event is to meet people and follow through. That’s where the clients happen.

    For more, check out my book Networking Aerobics: Cardio for Your Wallet. http://powercore.net/networking-aerobics/

  3. Marianne Gudina
    January 19, 2018 | 2:21 pm

    You do not need a mentor or a coach. Save money and do it on your own. does nit work Something breaks, and you say emergency loike when your car dies. You know that an old car will break down, it will happen. Plan for it, by saving for it. It is not an emergency

    Research shows that you get much better results when you have a coach. Left on your own with materials to study and charts you quit and you are back in square one. You get a plan on how to replace that old clunker to

    People think you will condemn them when you start financial coaching. The truth is you ask Why do you want to do get coaching in your personal finances. The answer tells a lot emotions, eye contact, posture.
    Then How, are you willing to set time apart and do the homework.

    You can get a one session meeting or a long term engagement.

  4. Dru Ferris
    January 22, 2018 | 7:44 pm

    Great topic. Real Estate is a business of ‘old sayings’ and myths.

    My first busted myth in real estate was the realization that although my platform is real estate, my JOB is new client acquisition. So the key was to find a client acquisition model that fit my likes and personality, which after a good bit of trial and error (mostly error), I discovered my preferred method was referral networking. And because, wow, I hated cold-calling.

    Powercore has fit perfectly into that model, as I look forward to our Thursday team meetings and enjoy the opportunity to educate others in Real Estate, as well as learn about other businesses and what works in their space. And in the process I’ve received some really awesome referrals!

  5. Michael O'Neill
    January 24, 2018 | 5:24 pm

    Many real estate closing and litigation attorneys believe that networking is a time-draining distraction from their primary job. Some of those attorneys rely on their firm’s marketing department.

    What these attorneys do not realize is that most clients chose an attorney to work with because of the personality fit of that attorney with themselves. The law firm’s reputation and marketing is a secondary consideration for these clients. I make time for marketing and networking so that I can cultivate my clients and watch my business grow!

  6. Jerry Connor
    January 24, 2018 | 6:05 pm

    Many people hold the belief that the therapist has the answers. All they have to do is come in, go through step A-Z or 1-20 in 6 weeks and they’ll be “cured” or “fixed”. Oh, that it was that easy!
    As I quickly learned, “It depends”, on the nature of the issue, on the knowledge and receptibility of the patient, of the patient’s readiness to identify and address the issues. It also depends upon the ability of the clinician to help the patient feel comfortable with addressing difficult issues and the process as well as grasping how to connect with the patient and to work through their issues.
    To do this, I took numerous workshops, supervision, and read a lot. Experience also makes a difference.
    What I know now is that I journey with my clients to identify what the issues are, learn successful ways to address them using awareness, tools and skill sets as well as gaining insight. When they are ready, and it is my job to help them reach that point, they will connect the dots.

  7. Vance Blew
    January 24, 2018 | 6:45 pm

    A common myth in for people looking to get a Mortgage is that Pre-Qualification equals Pre-Approval.
    Realtors know that this is not true at all, but many people come asking for a pre-qualification letter, thinking that would make them approved for a loan.
    There are many things that are needed today, for a loan to be pre-approved, like Paystubs, W-2s, bank statements, and if you’re self employed Tax Returns. Then an underwriter has to review the loan and validate all of this information.

    It is not a long process but explaining all of this to a new first time home buyer is part of the process of explaining how it all works to a potential borrower.

  8. Dr. Chris Hogan
    January 24, 2018 | 7:49 pm

    With only thirteen percent of the population utilizing the services of a chiropractor, one can imagine the many misconceptions involving the profession. The most common myth is that all we treat or deal with is back pain.

    True as may seem most people come through my door because of some sort of pain or injury that they are experiencing whether it be for a week or 10 years. Through educating the patient of the importance of a healthy spine and how that can not only affect the pain they are experiencing or help with he healing of the injury, but it can and does effect the overall health and wellness of the patient.

  9. Mark Magee
    January 24, 2018 | 9:39 pm

    As a Financial Advisor, the biggest myth that I have seen is that ALL Annuities are expensive and bad. In my education, licensing and training, I have been taught that there are multiple types of investments with each having it’s own purpose and no one product is the correct product for all clients and all solutions. Annuities can serve a specific purpose, just like Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds and Insurance all serve a purpose in the portfolio of an investor. Investors need to diversify their portfolios and there are times when Annuities are the right tool for the job, but not always. There are also multiple types of annuities like fixed, variable and indexed and some have no costs at all, while others do have higher costs. When I started research on the history of annuities, I found that some very intelligent and successful people, like Andrew Carnegie and Albert Einstein, were big investors in annuities when used correctly. Carnegie actually started the Educators Pension Fund for teachers and professors with a $10 million dollar annuity grant. This company is now called TIAA CREF (Teachers Insurance and Annuity Assoc, College Retirement Equities Fund). When I am working with a client to determine their investment wants, needs and goals, I provide them with the right products to accomplish the specific task from all types of investment products which are also in the clients best interest from a financial and risk perspective.

  10. Mark Stuckey
    January 25, 2018 | 10:12 am

    A common myth in Estate Planning is that probate of an estate is difficult and should be avoided using a trust. Sure, some states like Florida and California have onerous probate processes, and a trust may be necessary. However, here in Georgia, an estate, if uncontested can be opened easily, and the estate can be administered without much court oversight.
    Trusts are great, and we help our clients establish them all the time. However, unless my client has a multi-million-dollar estate, I do not recommend a trust. Trusts open my clients up to liability from beneficiaries, and they have to be funded immediately. In contrast, a simple will does not take effect until one’s death, and allows for a smooth transfer of property.
    So, when I have clients come in and ask for a trust, I talk with them about their individual needs and desires. Generally, these needs can be met with a simple will.

  11. Di Smith
    January 25, 2018 | 11:05 am

    Buying insurance without an insurance professional is like climbing a mountain without an experienced mountaineer to help get you to the top. Most people think that insurance is a commodity. They don’t fully understand how important is to select the right coverage that meets their unique and individual needs. Equally important is to know that as a consumer, you are paying a fair price for insurance protection understanding at the same time that cheap insurance can be very expensive in the long run.

    As a Certified Professional Insurance Agent with over 24 years of experience in my industry, I help clients understand that the right insurance policy is a financial tool that will protect their family, business, and investments. As an Independent Agent, I’m represent several preferred insurance companies. This allows me to guide clients through the insurance buying process, and provide them with the right coverage to meet their specific needs at a competitive and fair price.

    A great referral for me is that young married couple starting their life together or that new small business owner seeking for individual attention and guidance. Both are in search of quality advice to properly protect what’s important to them.

  12. Kathleen McCoy
    January 25, 2018 | 11:22 am

    The biggest myth or misconception in health insurance, is the belief that a single payer system would benefit a nation such as ours. Many case studies have shown that in the long run it would end up bankrupting the country. There is wisdom in having multiple insurance companies. The competition is healthy. A single payer system would hinder the quest for medical advances, because complacency would set in ultimately smothering the fight to advance.
    That being said, I continue to educate myself on new plans and options that are available to the many Americans who are suffering in a broken system. A much more realistic solution is one that serves some but not all. Having the ability to shop and purchase the plan that works best for you keeps the competition healthy and the quest for medical advances alive. I am thrilled to be of help to my clients-offering them real affordable solutions for their health insurance needs.

  13. Melanie Strickland
    January 25, 2018 | 12:36 pm

    Credit cards are bad for you! Credit cards, like chocolate, can be good for you in moderation. When used correctly they can be a great tool to help smooth out your cash flow. Especially for those small business that may not get full payment from the client until the job is complete. In the meantime you still have supplies to buy in order to finish the job. Then there are the times that your client is late paying you, but you still have bills of your own to pay. The trick is to pay back that credit card as soon as you get paid.
    That said not all credit cards are created equal. Be sure to shop for the best credit card for you. Don’t just look at the rewards and/or interest rate. Pay attention to other conditions/fees such as late fees, balance transfer fees, etc. Can it be used for overdraft protection for your checking account?
    I research credit card products of other financial institutions on a regular basis to see how Synovus compares and I am proud of what we have to offer our clients.

  14. Nancy C. Herrington
    January 25, 2018 | 3:34 pm

    Handling payroll in-house saves money, time, and is error free. By handling payroll in-house, you are spending money on paying employees to do your payroll. Most likely their salaries all together are more expensive than outsourcing to payroll providers. This also brings on liability responsibility. Payroll in-house most of the times is not error free. If you do your homework you will find payroll providers that are 100% liable for errors under their watch, like Paychex. Also back to the employees, if you outsource you could lessen your staff or you could have those employees take care of other projects and bring success to your company in other ways.

  15. Kathy Davis
    January 25, 2018 | 4:24 pm

    A commonly held belief in my industry is that our method of assisting people improve their quality of life is better than traditional therapy. The more educated I become the more I challenge the status quo. Why does one thing have to be better than the other. Either can be the best solution depending on the individual and the nature of the situation. It’s just like saying a screwdriver is better than a hammer. They are both valuable tools. The best one depends on what is needed. What I did and continue to do to refine my knowledge is talk to other professionals who also specialize in helping people bring out the best in themselves and find out what tools they use. Many times we can work together and see greater results than we might see if only one of us worked with the client. It is more realistic to work in a synergistic fashion than to think one branch of therapy has all the answers for everyone.

  16. Ivan Medina
    January 25, 2018 | 4:41 pm

    A commonly held myth is that there are internal secrets in the insurance industry that the insurance carriers and/or the agents don’t want to share with the public. There are none, just real facts that you may or may not agree with or understand the rationale behind it. It’s actuarial based assumptions and forecasting based on the law of large numbers. I went against the grain and eventually paid the price. Most models are not that way off. Read, study and one quickly finds out that it is best to listen to one’s mentors and those who had already gone through it. Question underwriting, ways of doing business and guidelines all you want but Always Always do what’s best for the client within ethical boundaries and financial responsibility of being an agent and it will all work out at the end. You develop a certain gut instinct with experience, follow it. This was realistic 23 years ago when I first started and it still is today.

  17. Stephen
    January 26, 2018 | 12:43 pm

    For my industry, it’s that your credit score is the true measure of financial success. When you really dig into the components that make up a credit score it’s all about simply your interaction with debt, which doesn’t always mean that you are on the right track financially. I heard a story that has stuck with me. It was about a man who had $10 million in the bank & hadn’t used credit in years so he had no credit score. He was unable to walk into this particular apartment complex to rent an apartment because he had no credit score, but he could afford to write a check to buy the whole place. I’m certainly not saying not having a good credit score is a bad thing, but questioning the belief that having a good credit score means you are in a good place financially.

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