Do I Turn in a We Did Business Slip if I Didn’t Make Any Money?

The question:

“A Member invited me to speak for an event they are hosting in June. We are unsure whether to count that as doing business. The event is free. Often these opportunities bring me business. He did count the referral,  do I just leave the event in the air?  Must a “We Bid business”  have a positive dollar value?”

The answer:
Business can come from a marketing opportunity.
That business, the business where you make a bank deposit, is recorded on a We Did Business slip.
Imagine Sally is the program chair for the Atlanta Engineering Association. She books you to speak at the February meeting. 

  • That is a marketing opportunity for you:
  • you get paid with a chicken dinner. <grin> 
  • No referral record for that,
  • and no We Did Business slip.

However, because you showcased your expertise, one of the people in the room becomes a client. (Let’s call him Sam) Sam writes you a check. NOW you turn in a WDB.

The top half of the WDB reads: Because “Sally” introduced “Betsey” to “Sam”, then you check a box in each column.
Don’t turn it in until you deposit the first check from Sam.

There are lots of other questions spurred by this! Ask them in the comments.



One Response to Do I Turn in a We Did Business Slip if I Didn’t Make Any Money?
  1. Carla Collis Gesite
    March 12, 2018 | 4:45 pm

    When a Member, like Sally, makes an introduction leading to a free speaking engagement, I ensure she completes a referral record. Speaking opportunities are a great referral source for me. Those introductions deserve recognition!

    When a new client comes on board as a result of a speaking engagement, I pass a We Did Business slip.

    Sometimes that doesn’t happen right away, though.
    In those cases, I thank Sally for the speaking opportunity during the meeting just after the event.

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