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Not receiving contract amendments in a timely manner can result in delays to closing and last minute requests for documentation.  My loan process is designed to prevent these oversights and make the realtor and lender seem like a smooth, professional team.   My closing disclosure goes out 7 days prior to closing and it is at that time we request any and all amendments from realtors.   Years ago, I Had a closing where I received amendment 3 at the closing that  extended the closing date and gave the buyer 2k in closing costs credit.  Because it was number 3 it required my underwriter to also review amendments 1 and 2 which had a list of extensive repairs.  We had to chase down contractor receipts for the work done and it resulted  in a delay. I’m a good referral for that agent in your office who can never go to lunch with you because they are wide eyed with stress.  Ask them don’t they wish every closing could be smooth and stress free.  Chris Coulter has a process that prevents that lack of organization and makes you look like a real pro. 

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  1. Vance Blew
    November 13, 2018 | 6:18 pm

    Green: be specific about that who. When you see your Realtor friend Mark who can never go to lunch with you because they are wide eyed with stress.

    This “Ask them don’t they wish every closing could be smooth and stress free.” looks like a combining of Gold and Platinum.

    Gold: He wants every closing to be smooth and stress free.
    Platinum: Ask him what his favorite place to have lunch is? And setup a 3 way lunch with me. Chris Coulter has a process that prevents a lack of organization and can make him look like a real pro.

    • Jason Conn
      November 15, 2018 | 11:42 am

      Platinum: What about ‘Ask him how his current partners help him focus on making money instead of putting out fires’ Let him know you know someone who is good at preventative maintenance. I would remove the first purple sentence and just leave the second one (gets across the point and keeps it to 5 seconds). Great job!

  2. Rodney Shaffer
    November 15, 2018 | 2:40 pm

    Red card includes a description of how you solved the problem. In this example, since there was a delay, the problem was not solved in a timely manner. Explaining the details of the order of amendments and what each stated may confuse your listeners (and confused listeners tune out). Perhaps you could instead say, “Years ago, my borrower and his Realtor signed amendments without informing me. At the closing, I learned that these amendments included repairs. At that point, the underwriter required receipts for the repairs and the closing was delayed. I learned to never let that happen again – I always proactively request amendments from my buyers and their Realtors long before closing. Delays are not acceptable.”

    Another potential kindling question is, “Ask him what he does to relax.”

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