Chris Handley Joined the 15 Year Club

Fifteen years. You were a Member, then you weren’t. I’m very interested in why you decided to come back, and I’m always interested in what keeps you participating.
The first 6 years on the Peachtree Team and I thought it was the only Team in the world. I had no idea there were 30 or 40 other Teams! In the first three months I landed a huge client that turned into four different big businesses, two marketing directors, 14 and a half year relationship of ongoing collateral advertising campaigns.  After the crashing economy I went and worked for somebody. When I came back my thought was I turned away so much small business back then, I only went for big business. Back then I had a few clients, so when I lost one it hurt. When I came back I decided to focus on small business, I can get big business on my own. Now I have 50 clients a year, and 60% of my business comes from right here.
Congratulations on insightful business acquisition strategy  Chris!

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