Jason Wilson Gets His 5 Year Pin

Jason, five years ago, why did you say yes to the invitation to compete with your peers for a hot seat? The opportunity was local to the community. One of my big values is to connect with the community. That is who I am.

At the one year point, was this what you expected? It was different than I expected in how it functioned. However, the end result was what I expected. 

Knowing what you know now – what advice would you give yourself as a new Member?  I would tell myself to get to know people at a deeper level. What I didn’t know is that a portion of the table would change, I would be meeting new people. I wasn’t expecting that. There’s a core that remains, and there is some turning. So I still have friendships and business relationships with people who are no longer here.

Gone, not lost. That’s wisdom. Congratulations to you.

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