Scott Levine Adds 5 Year Pin

In my mind, when you joined, Scott, you were at the very beginning stages of your own business.  That’s correct. When you first came to the table, what was your fear? I couldn’t produce enough referrals. What was your hope? That I’d build a run a successful business, and help other people on the way. What has happened that was better than you would have expected? Not only did I do enough to grow my business, but I have a Rolodex that I can use for A, to support my own business and B, to support my clients.

If you were to speak with someone who was brand new as you were, just starting their business, and giving them advice from the picture of five years later, I know you would have advice for them as the CPA, but what advice would you have for them from the standing point of  referral marketing? Focus on your reputation because you can’t lose that. If you have credibility on the Team people refer to you, if not, they don’t. Good advice. Thank you.  Congratulations.

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