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  and A handyman told me his classification has a reputation for being late. Because of this he schedules appointments at odd times – 10:17 – and is careful to show up then, not at 10:20.

Share a cliché about your business – and explain the system you have in place to set yourself apart from the competition.

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  1. Darrell Rodgers
    November 8, 2019 | 9:09 am

    Technologists are know for using TLA’s; three letter acronyms and speaking in ways people don’t understand. We teach our staff to speak in plain English and use everyday analogies like filling a filing cabinet or pulling a container off a shelf for explaining how technology works. We follow this up by documenting what we do in our online customer service system that every customer can log into at their leisure and review. We then send an e-mail copy of the info to them.

    This way our customers have a good understanding of what happened, how it was addressed and if they need to review later, they have an easy way to do so.

    This helps everyone customer, staff and vendor alike stay abreast of issues we’ve touched for our customers.

  2. Wendy Kinney
    November 8, 2019 | 10:47 am

    When a potential PowerCore Member completes the Find-A-Team form I prioritize that phone response. Sometimes I call within a minute of when they clicked send!

    Often they’ll comment, and thank me. Sometimes they let me know that outreach to the competition never got a response.

    So even though it interrupts my work flow, I want prospective Members to know I’m responsive – but there’s a more productive reason: If they just clicked send they are probably available to talk now. If I wait a couple of hours, or a day, we’ll play phone tag, and they may miss an opportunity to visit this week – right now – when they’re eager to find out more.

  3. Jason Williams
    November 11, 2019 | 7:07 am

    In the Audio/Video/Smart Home industry we have a reputation for being snobby about the products that we sell. It’s a well earned cliche’ with a lot of truth behind it. I’ve heard many complaints about stores and service companies refusing to sell to a Client if they didn’t want to spend $10,000 on a projector. I’ve even heard companies complain that it’s a waste of their time if the customer isn’t going to buy a certain quality level of product. At Williams AV & Security we realize that the $10,000 projector isn’t the right product for everybody. So instead trying to be right about our preferred products we focus on asking a lot of questions to determine the client’s needs and then matching them with the best value for their money. We strive to offer multiple options, inform the client on the features and benefits of each option, and then support them in making an educated decision.

  4. Brock Cline
    November 15, 2019 | 12:37 pm

    A common misconception about PEO’s is a lack of service after becoming a client. I pride myself in responsiveness and my service team is all local, so you have direct contact info for each team member and never have to go through a phone tree.

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