***PLEASE READ*** Coronavirus – How It Effects You, PowerCore, And How We Will Proceed

Good Morning Everyone,

I am going to touch on some things at this week’s meeting to provide consistency for the team while avoiding hearsay and rumor. I have spoken with Wendy to get clarification on what PowerCore’s position is. First and foremost, your comfort level is YOURS to judge. The team nor PowerCore is going to pressure you to do something you don’t want to, but for the sake of the team we have to navigate this in a productive manner. As they say “the show must go on”.

Buddy has a personal medical issue that compromises his immune system (he isn’t sick) that puts him in a high risk category. At the advice of his doctor he is “pausing” his membership to lower the risk of him contracting the Coronavirus. I personally respect his choice. His seat however is now open on the team. If another handyman wishes to join the team while Buddy is away, then we will accept that new applicant’s application so long as the team agrees he/she is a good fit. Substitutes in the handyman seat will now also be allowed until Buddy returns or the seat is filled.

This same guideline is going to be applicable to the entire team. If your comfort level is such that you don’t want to attend the meetings then you must find a substitute for when you will not be attending or you can pause your membership. Remember pausing your membership leaves your seat open. So if someone applies during the time you leave the team, your seat will be filled. I respect whatever decision you make as an individual, however in order to keep the meetings productive for the members that pay their dues, we need a full table.

Please note the following:

 –          If you do find yourself feeling ill/sick DO NOT ATTEND the meeting. IT’S NOT WORTH THE RISK TO THE TEAM! You are allowed 3 unexcused absences on a rolling 6 month calendar. If you are facing a 4th absence, please reach out to me individually to discuss a course of action. We are not trying to unjustly remove anyone from the team. My cell phone number is 770-241-3911. Text me anytime.

–          I know it’s a token of respect, but please avoid undue contact with others including shaking hands.

–          We will not have virtual meetings. All meetings will continue to be in person held at Café Pharr

–          Those of you that substitute on other teams may hear of slightly different arrangements. Their team is their business. If you have a productive idea that you feel will benefit the team, please run it by myself or someone else in leadership before addressing the team as a whole. We can then decide a course of action for announcing any further changes.

I appreciate each of you and the contributions you bring to our team making it the strong group that it is. If you are on the fence about anything, or if you have any questions please feel welcome to text, call, or email me individually. I look forward to a productive meeting in the morning!!!

Warm Regards,

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