It’s Raining Referrals

How to get a gusher of referral business, that other people let go down the drain.

First, the concepts:
Advertising is a message from one to many 

  • Send out a message and some people will be attracted, and make an inbound call
  • Advertising takes money.



Cold calling is a message from one to one

  • Interrupt enough people and some will be interested
  • Cold calling takes time (and long telomeres)



Referrals are endorsement marketing.

  • a triangle of communication from one person,
    through the person they’re speaking with,
    to a person who isn’t present.




Advertising and cold calling are straight lines of communication – from the person with something to sell, to a person they hope will buy.

Referrals are a triangle – marketing through, not to, the person we’re with.

These things are different for triangle vs. straight line marketing:

  1. Qualifiers – hopefully, usually, basically, try
  2. Words – pronouns matter. A lot.
    The word “you” has four meanings:  [1] you – the person I’m speaking with
    _________________________[2] me – the speaker
    _________________________[3] people in general
    _________________________[4] a person standing in for the speaker
    The word “we” has five meanings – and only one is positive.
  3. Money – first person to talk about money wins
  4. New Information – as you know, as I’ve told you, as I’ve said before
  5. Depends – a waffle with syrup
    Start with “When …” then give one example. If they’re interested they’ll give you new parameters
  6. Stories – for the emotional right brain
  7. Client Identification – one person + one behavior + why this is important to them + how to begin a conversation = $Referrals$

  8. Tell vs. Ask
    Replace: When you see your friend outside doing more yard work than usual, if they are considering listing please tell them you can connect them with a realtor who understands the importance of marketing a home to help them get to the closing table quicker.
    With: I am a good referral for your parent’s neighbor who just painted the outside of their house. They want a better school district for their kindergartner. Ask them what educational shows their kids like to watch. They place a high value on education and professionals who know what they are doing. Persephone Galambos

  9. If vs. When
    Replace: So if you run into that nurse who is talking about their rent going up again ask them if they are wanting to save money by owning instead of renting. If you know someone who wants quality care send them my way.
    With: When the dental hygienist mentions her premium with Kaiser is going up by 50% next year, ask her . . .
    When your carpool buddy complains that he’s been to three doctors already and no one can tell him what’s wrong, ask . . .
  10. Help vs. Want
    Replace: We love being a part of helping to provide one of life’s basic essentials, shelter. A house or office is a big investment, but most importantly it’s your home or place of business We take this into consideration for every project.
    With: My customers want the conveniences they have lived without while they raised their family. They want the kitchen that’s a joy to prepare holiday meals in and a master bathroom that’s a relaxing space where they can wind down.  Mike Smith

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