Kindling Question Workshop Handouts

Team Members know how to introduce you – really – they do.

What they don’t have on the tip of their tongue is a way to begin,
to start a conversation
that would end with an introduction to you.

Can’t start with the introduction;
have to start with a question.
And the question is just kindling – beginning – the conversation.
It’s not about you, or your business. Here’s why:






















So let’s look at good examples of all three types of questions –
we’ll begin with flamethrower questions – questions that would
ruin the relationship, either between me and my client, if I asked it;
or between me and you, because it feels like I’m cold calling for you,
and I’m not going to do that, even if I love you!


Here is Jamie McDonald’s InfoMinute:

  • Last week I cleaned NEW carpet for Sally. She just
    closed on her home and insisted on having the NEW
    carpet cleaned BEFORE MOVING IN because the smell
    nauseated her. I did a little research and found
    international experts report that mice have dropped
    dead after breathing new carpet fumes. Sally thought
    I was going to think she was crazy for wanting to
    clean NEW carpet. I asked her how often she wears
    NEW underwear and socks without washing them
    first…we were instantly on the same page! I told
    her after I installed new carpet, I did exactly the
    same thing also. The next time you are standing on
    new carpet at daycare, AND you can tell because of
    the NEW chemically odor, ask them if they would ever
    wear new underwear without washing them 1st and tell
    them the same should be true for new carpet that
    kids are crawling, playing, and sleeping on. Tell
    them Jamie with CitruSolution is ready to help!



Now Holly’s InfoMinute before working on Kindling Questions:

  • Refer me to the small business owner who is looking to increase sales.
    Tell them I can help streamline their marketing efforts and establish
    consistent branding so they will net more business.
    Holly Neumann Fresh Eggs Web Design and Marketing.

Here’s what she switched to:

  • I like to get things done. I use my calendar to track each task every day.
    Refer me to your client who is always prepared, maybe even more than you,
    for your meetings. She likes to use a checklist to get things done.
    Ask her what app she uses for her to-do list. She knows time is money.

Would you say “What app do you use for your to-do list?”


What would you say next in a path that was going to get you to the bonfire of offering an introduction to Holly?


Let’s look at a really good example of bad:

  • Kevin Spiegelman, from ASK Exterminators. Holiday parties will be starting
    soon and you want to keep your home in tip top shape before guests come to
    visit. Your top priority, to make sure your home is clean and decorated. You
    might have a maid clean the house after you put up your decorations.
    However, you may not think about the fact that your decorations have been
    sitting in storage for a year. You do not know what pests maybe lurking in
    boxes of those holiday decorations in the attic or basement. In addition to
    having the house cleaned, you should also get your home treated for pests.
    You do not want your visiting guests to receive a visit from pests during their
    stay with you. A good referral is your neighbor, Janet. She is having out of
    town guests and they will be staying for a week in her house. Let Janet know
    she should have her home exterminated to prevent any embarrassing
    moments during the holiday season. Have her give Kevin a call.

Under what circumstances would you say to your neighbor,
“You should have your home exterminated to prevent any embarrassing moments during the holiday season.”

Flamethrower.  If  I say this, the relationship is over.


Here’s a good example of good from Jamecia Bowers on the 78 Corridor Team.

  • Ellen has very fragile, dry and mature skin. In the winter her skin can be so dry that it appears like cracked glass under the magnifying lamp and visibly flakes. Since her skin is so thin and delicate and enzyme or plant-based peel would benefit her in improving her overall skin texture and tone while also removing the outermost damaged layer of the skin making it more receptive to topical product absorption and treatments. A facial peel cost $109.00 and takes about an hour and 15 minutes to perform. Refer the mature woman you know who still keeps her standing hair and nail appointment twice each month.
    Ask her what some of her New Year’s resolutions are for 2020.

Who are you thinking of?
What would you say?


Now two good examples of good – first from Dr. Gillian Kucharski on the North Fayetteville Team:

  • Food allergies can mean a full spectrum of reactions
    ranging from the avoidance of a favored food to
    requiring an emergency intervention. I had a patient
    come in complaining of a skin rash and abdominal
    bloating that she believed to have been caused by
    the consumption of a certain adult beverage the
    night before…I tested her in the office, without the
    use of needles or any other invasive measures, and
    cleared her for wheat, barley, and hops…all within
    her 15 minute appointment. She called me yesterday
    to let me know that she had…thoroughly…enjoyed her
    weekend, and that she was thrilled with her glowing
    complexion, just in time for the holidays. She said,
    “Now if you could do something about my morning
    after headache…”. I’m a great referral for Pam.
    She’s hosting for the holidays this year, making her
    lists, and checking them twice, because there’s
    nothing worse than forgetting an uncle at the
    airport. Ask her if she’s cooking for any dietary
    restrictions. I’m Dr. Gillian with Crane
    Chiropractic & Applied Kinesiology.


What would you say?


And from Heather Riggs on the Buckhead Team:

  • If a lawyer could just as well have their teenaged neighbor do it, then why should they pay a professional marketer? When it comes to properly creating social media profiles for their firm, those scales simply aren’t balanced. The difference could be the default.
    For example, my client Sasha left many of the default setting on her Facebook page as-is, including the “call to action” button at the top. It stated “learn  more”  which for her practice is much less effective than choosing the option “call now” and linking it to her phone number. That simple shift alone increased
    her call volume 10%.
    Details aren’t my devil, they’re my dream.
    That’s why I’m a referral for
    an estate planner
    who wants her house to be the preferred hangout for her kids and their friends until back to school.
    You’ll see her unloading extra Costco boxes of capri sun from her SUV.
    Ask her if she stocks drinks for the parents too. 

Who are you thinking of?




3 Responses to Kindling Question Workshop Handouts
  1. Ken Schmanski
    April 7, 2020 | 8:10 am

    My kindling question was “Do you like to watch Jeopardy?”

    • Wendy Kinney
      April 7, 2020 | 9:18 am

      That is a PERFECT Kindling Question – bravo you!

      • Ken Schmanski
        April 20, 2020 | 6:36 pm

        Thank you, Wendy. Heather did a great job teaching the Kindling Question seminar. Her college classes in theater really comes across in her teaching process. She gets the point across with flare and humor. As I do in all the PowerCore seminars, I left the class with a lot of knowledge and questions to ponder, moving on to a higher level of understanding.

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