The Art of the Invitation

An invitation is a compliment – it tells the person you like them enough to include them. Which is a good thing, because since 2009 people have been doing business with, and referring business to, people who like them.




1: The Marc Replogle System

—– Original Message —–

From: Walter Morgan III
To: Marc
Subject: Opportunity

Dear Mr. Replogle,

I know your time is valuable, so I will be brief. I am a second generation professional clothier serving the Atlanta area, and this is what sets me apart:

First, I have been trained by the best. My father has dressed Atlanta’s elite for over 27 years and continues to do so while passing all of his knowledge and expertise on to me.

Second, the garment that I deliver is unmatched in quality and price. What others sell for $1000, I sell for $500. You will not find a better suit for the money anywhere, period.

Finally, as your clothier no one will work harder in providing you with the highest quality customer service. I do not want to sell you a suit, I want to build a lasting relationship. Somebody somewhere gave you an opportunity, all I ask is for that same opportunity.

If you are willing to give me the opportunity to become your clothier please contact me so that we can set up a time to meet. Likewise, if giving opportunities just isn’t your thing, no big deal. Let me know and I will not contact you again.

Sincerely Yours,

Walter Morgan, III

Professional Clothier – The Custom Suit Shop


From: J Marc Replogle
Subject: Re: Opportunity
To: Walter Morgan III
Cc: Wendy L. Kinney

Walter, I am not in the market, but I do have an opportunity for you.  Call Heather Gaston at 770-xxx-7484 to inquire about the clothier seat on the Marietta Square PowerCore Team.  Heather is the VisitorCoOrdinator for the Marietta Square PowerCore Team, which is a close contact networking group.  I highly recommend that you call her and visit if you want the opportunity to greatly increase your sales.  You may also check out or email Wendy Kinney at the PowerCore home office for more information.  Good luck.

Marc Replogle


Why did Marc reply?
(Any of us would have just clicked delete.)

2: The Mike Smith System

From: Mike
Date: Wed, Dec 12,
Subject: Our Conversation Tuesday
Hey Michael,

This is a follow up to our conversation from Tuesday night. The networking group that I spoke about is PowerCore. I’m six years in and have made business connections that pay off – sometimes one time and others year after year.

As I discussed, it’s a close networking association so there is only one person at the meetings in your classification. It’s not about leads – it’s about business referrals – which for me is a huge part of my business.

At this time I didn’t notice that there are any other members that are classified in the martial arts category so you would have a pretty wide open field. And the ability to substitute on other teams – and expand your network.

This gives you a little of the feel of what it’s like:

I know you want to stay in your business area for obvious reasons. This is a map of the various teams and locations. If you pick a pin it will also bring up information about where the meeting is and who to contact to make a connection.

All I can say is that I hate mornings and I find this worthwhile enough to keep doing – for six years now. I’ll see Jon (prior martial arts training) this week and talk to him about you as well as try to make a connection to Tony Davenport (Rehab trainer) as well as our personal trainer on our team Tammi.

>>>Just let me know when you have something to look at – I’d be happy to consult with you on a potential new location.

Best regards,

Mike Smith
Momentum Construction

What benefit did Mike get?
(Any of us would have just talked about our quote..)

3: The Chris Handley System

From: Chris Handley
Date: Wed, Feb 6, at 1:52 PM
Subject: PowerCore Visitor
To: Michael Seaman
Cc: Wendy KinneyHi Michael,  I enjoyed meeting you today at the networking lunch. As we discussed, I’m introducing you to Wendy Kinney at She will be able to direct you to a PowerCore Team near you. If you’re interested in increasing your network, PowerCore is the place to be.

Wendy — It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Michael Seaman an independent distributor with Zija (health and wellness products). I told Michael about PowerCore and he’s interested in visiting a Team. Would you please help him out.

Michael Seaman



Chris Handley
Creative Director
Snowball Creative Group LLC
Let’s Build Momentum


From: Chris Handley
Date: Wed, Feb 6, at 1:57 PM
Subject: PowerCore Visitor
To: Carlene Cantrell
Cc: Wendy KinneyHi Carlene,  I enjoyed meeting you today at the networking lunch. As we discussed, I’m introducing you to Wendy Kinney at She will be able to direct you to a PowerCore Team in the Marietta area. If you’re interested in increasing your network, PowerCore is the place to be.

Wendy — It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Carlene Cantrell a representative of American Laser Skincare. I told Carlene about PowerCore and she’s interested in visiting a Team in Marietta. Would you please help her connect.

Carlene Cantrell
American Laser Skincare



Chris Handley
Creative Director
Snowball Creative Group LLC
Let’s Build Momentum


How did Chris benefit?
(Any of us would have repeated our elevator pitch.)


3: The Drew Niess System

Step 1: The Voice Mail Message

Hello, my name is Drew Niess.

I don’t know you, so I’m pretty sure you don’t remember me either,
but I know we’ve met,
because I’m holding your business card.

It’s been living in my upper left hand drawer, making no money.

I’m guessing that we exchanged cards
at a business networking event.

If your business is in growth mode I’d like to invite you to visit a business referral network I’m a member of.

My name is Drew, I’m an Allstate Insurance Agent, my phone number is 404-xxx-5500,
and I’ll look forward to meeting you again, and to remembering you this time!


Step 2: The System

1:   To make a habit, choose a trigger – the action that is going to let you know to do these calls. Drew’s trigger was when he pushed his chair back to go to lunch. Instead of standing up he pulled his waste basket between his knees, opened the upper left drawer, and pulled out three cards.

A>  Use your own name, business and phone number. <grin!>
B>  Remember to pause,  strategically,  when giving your phone number.

2:   After the voice mail Drew went to Linkedin and sent a personal invitation to connect.
(never allow LinkedIN to scrape your email.)  He wrote:

“Hello Bob, I just left you a voice mail and I’m about to throw away your card, so I’d like to use LinkedIN as our mutual rolodex. Looking forward to meeting you in person again, soon. Drew.” 

C>   Save this script to make it easy to cut and paste instead of having to type it out each time. Highlight the name so you don’t accidentally send Bob’s message to Cary. You could use
a “canned response” if you use gmail,
or a “sig file” if you use Outlook,
or a word.doc  you leave on your desktop with several of these types of scripts, to make follow through quick.
(If you don’t know what these are, or how to use them, ask your friend Google, who keeps the owner’s manual for the 21st Century.)

3:   After the LinkedIN invitation Drew addressed a post card with an invitation to visit his PowerCore Team.

D>  If you would like PowerCore invitation post cards, with your name and phone number on them, to mail as a follow through, (it’s easy to hand write their name and address when you make the call, stamp and mail. Then they have a third contact, and your phone number in front of them again) just email and tell him
D.1: what phone number to print, and
D.2: how many you would like.
(There is no charge to you for this.)


4:   With three stamped post cards, Drew pushed the trash can back under his desk, stood up, put the post cards in the mail pile, and, proud of his activity, went to lunch.

E>   If you’re going to track your results, set up a system now. I use two post it notes on the desk beside my phone, and make tick marks. Jerry Seinfeld uses a calendar. Make a system that motivates you.

How did Drew benefit?
(You’re going to love the answer!)

Go make money –  W!

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