The Care and Feeding of GateOpeners – essential concepts

  • The word GateOpener has two meanings:
    1: The classification
    2: an individual in that classification
  • A GateOpener (the person) is
    -one of 10 people
    -in one of 6 classifications (10 x 6 = 60)
    -who refers one client a month to you, like clockwork.
  • GateOpener introductions are the most profitable thing to get from PowerCore Team Members — and the most common thing to waste, for two reasons:
    1: It is not possible to intuit GateOpener classifications  – GateOpeners are predicated on your Best Client Genome, and your GateOpeners are very likely different than any of your competitor’s GateOpener classifications, because your Best Clients are different than your competitor’s Best Clients.
    2: If you don’t know what you have to give them, you sound like this:


Wendy, could you introduce us to C-level executives?
Gus <>  Tue, May 24   2:43 PM

Dear Wendy,

I just have sent you LinkedIn invitation.
Can you help us to be introduced to any key decision maker in mid to large organizations?

We, Parry, Murphy and Associates are cost reduction consulting firm with an extremely solid track record.
Conservatively, our unique process will realize average savings of between 12% and 16% for most companies, even if they think that there is nothing left to add or improve.

If you take a look at our website, you will see that we could add significant value to their companies in such a way that it would be a win for them, you as well as ourselves.
If you can or know someone who can introduce us to C-level executives in mid-sized or large organizations and would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to reply me.


Gus Chocianas
Personal Assistant to Michael Parry, President
Parry, Murphy and Associates
Cost Reduction Specialists
Phone: (616) 805-2550


Don’t fool yourself:
asking for, and getting, GateOpener introductions takes preparation.

It’s worth it,
__and it might not be difficult,
_____> but it is not automatic.

Here are three good examples of good:

1: The Melanie Selcho Benefit

Melanie is marketing director for a home inspection company. Home Inspectors get the bulk of their referrals from real estate agents. To set herself apart here’s what Melanie has for them.  At closing there’s a laminated card for the buyers that looks like this:

Look closely, you won’t see Melanie’s name or company anywhere on here – the only contact information is for the real estate agent, even the the agent had nothing at all to do with this.

Discuss: Why is this valuable to the real estate agent?

2: The Wise Law Firm Checklist

I was fortunate to hear Doug Wise’s 7-Minute about divorce. This was his handout.

Discuss: How would a GateOpener benefit from having this?

3: Could you do something like this?

I saw this article on Houzz – if I were a contractor I might be a GateOpener for an architect, and the one who get me this would get my promotion:
























Discuss: How would you know whether a potential GateOpener would find this useful?


GateOpeners add the task of referring (a referral is a task) because they get personal benefit.

What do you do to make GateOpener referrals natural?

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