How Energy Powers Referrals

The PowerCore agenda creates energy by design:

Attitude (or energy) is the vertical axis, time is the horizontal axis.

There are three energy risers during the meeting. They are the things everyone participates in:

  • InfoMinutes
  • Referral Triggers
  • Referrals

The stair step action of individual activities and group activities creates a meeting where people feel better when they leave than when they arrived. Breaking that flow costs that feeling.

Timing creates energy:

  • Why is a PowerCore meeting from 7am to 8:30?
  • Why is the PowerCore meeting 90 minutes long – instead of an hour, or two hours?
  • Why are InfoMinutes and INTROMinutes 60 seconds long?
  • Why are 7-Minute Presentations seven minutes long, instead of 10, or 15?

Action creates energy:

  • Why is there so much clapping in a PowerCore meeting?
  • Why do PowerCore Members stand when they’re speaking?
  • Why do the Officers have scripts?

Participation creates energy:

  • Why do we have an attendance policy?
  • Why don’t we have a quota for referrals?
  • Where do individuals create energy for the whole?

How can a Team transfer the behaviours that create energy in person to an online meeting?

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