The Size And Shape of a 7-Minute Presentation

1: Define the Boundaries.

Name four things your clients pay you for:

If you’re an insurance agent you might say

[a] Homeowners Insurance
[b] Auto Insurance
[c] Bike/Boat/RV
[d] Umbrella Policy

Pick one.

It is not possible to profitably cover everything you do in 7-Minutes.
Pick one of the four things clients buy from you, and then ask these six questions.
(Download this form to collect your answers) Working Paper for Developing a Profitable 7-Minute Presentation pdf

[a] What is the six-step process you go through with a client who wants this product or service?
[b] What are six choices or options they have?
[c] List six facts – facts are thinks I can’t argue with. Time is a fact. Money is a fact.
[d] List six benefits – benefits are emotions or results.
[e] Catalog six behaviors we would see when a prospect is ready for you.
[f] Name six types of clients for this product or service.


NOW: Pick one.

You have 36 things listed on your working paper – pick one.
ONE of the 36 topics
is the amount of information
you can profitably
cover in 7-Minutes.
Any ONE of these would be a profitable 7-Minute topic.

2: Choose a Format.

The Diamond Outline

Bob Boylan\'s Diamond Outline pdf

The Case Study Format

The Case Study Format pdf

Joint 7-Minute Presentation


3: Decide on a Handout or a Handoff.

A handout is for the listener’s to write on.
A handoff is for the listeners to hand off to a potential prospect.

4: Prepare your FeedForward Questions.

You don’t have to use the default FeedForward Cards –
look what could happen if you created your own questions:








5: Use the FeedForward.

[a] Put the questions in to your working paper, where they belong,
so you can consider including them next time.
[b] Notice your grade (the new information)
and make a system to include that in prospect and client conversations,
and to add content about those points to your website.

Go make money!


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