Bull’s Eye Networking – From Handshake to Bank Deposit

There are six levels to our relationships with people

Graze: This is the drive-by shooting of networking – where people hand you a card and say “If you ever need anything, give me a call.”  There’s no money at this level —  it’s a hit-and-run.

Grin: At this level you’ve met the person repeatedly enough, and frequently enough, that you recognize them — but don’t remember their name. If you don’t remember their name how can you possibly refer to them, or do business with them? There is no money for someone whose name you can’t remember.

Greet: At the Greet level you remember their name, and you probably know what they do, but you’re the anti-referral for them, because you can’t endorse them. If a client mentions they’re thinking of using this person you’ll respond “Oh yeah, I know them.” to which your client will ask “Well, who do you think I should use?” and bam, just like that, they lost a client.  When people are over-networked (yes, it’s a thing) the result is a lot of people who know their name and direct prospects away from them. Ouch.

Generator: At the Generator level people endorse you and take action to move the client toward you. Their response is “I know exactly who you need, you need Ben, here’s his number, in fact, I have to call him myself, I’ll have him call you.” A Generator endorses with action. Level 4 is where the money starts.

GateOpener: A GateOpener doesn’t wait to be asked – a GateOpener inserts you into a conversation where you haven’t been mentioned, then takes their client by the hand, walks them into your office, sits them down in front of you, and says “Write a check. Write it now. Make it big.” A GateOpener is consistently profitable because they benefit, personally, when their client does business with you instead of your competition. This is where the big money is.

Guardian: A Guardian respects you enough to have hard conversations. A Guardian is willing to risk the relationship to tell you what you need to know — not what you want to know, what you need to know. In our lives we have as few as none and as many as five Guardian relationships, rarely more than one at a time, and often with empty years in between. If someone tells you a hard thing, they’re a Guardian. Say thank you humbly, and protect this relationship; it’s precious.

Now the questions:
1: What can I do to move from Graze to Grin, and from Greet to Generator?

2: How long does it take to move from Grin to Greet?

3: How many of my competitors navigate to each level?

4: How many people can I have at the Generator and GateOpener levels at one time?

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