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  and No one joins a PowerCore Team without visiting.

Think about your first visit.

  • What questions did you have as you were driving to the meeting?
  • What were you thinking as you left?
  • What was the impressive part for you?

How do you use your initial experience to invite Visitors to our Team?

13 Responses to Inviting Visitors
  1. Denise Jutze
    October 2, 2020 | 9:06 am

    Since I had been a part of closed networking groups previously, I was open minded to see the process and format for PowerCore & the dynamic of this team.

    What were you thinking as you left? What a dynamic team!! Now this is a team I could join!

    What was the impressive part for you? The enthusiasm & energy. The apparent commitment to each other as well as the amount of referrals that were passed. I also appreciated the 90 day probation period. It’s not an auto in, we have a part to play in our own success.

  2. Robert Jackson
    October 2, 2020 | 9:14 am

    Well, it’s been over 8 years since I first visited a Power Core meeting. It was a chance meeting with a fellow Auburn Grad in a parking lot with Yale Shure, who invited me to come to a networking meeting the next morning at 7 am. I had been in business for over 20 years and was very interested in seeing what this was all about.
    I was blown away at the meeting as everyone shared their infominutes and then it seemed to be over way too soon. I was thinking that this is what I needed to get involved with and joined that day.
    I was very impressed with the professionalism of everyone there and how they were able to be precise and succinct with their businesses and how I could, not only send referrals their way, but to also utilize their referrals to grow my business.
    When I am talking with someone about visiting, I let them know about my experience and that if they have never networked before, this is the best way to become part of a team that really is interested in their success!

  3. Patty Williamson
    October 2, 2020 | 9:32 am

    I was invited to the meeting from Sam Wilson who I had know from church and had partnered with in my business. He did a great job in preparing me for the meeting, explaining how the meeting flowed and to expect a lot of clapping.
    I was really impressed with how structured the meeting was and how well prepared everyone seemed to be. The infominutes were professional and informative. I felt like they truly shared information about their business as compared to other networking groups I had visited where it seemed they were only trying to sell you something. I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of to grow my skills as well as my business. I look at PowerCore as not only a way to grow my business with receiving referrals but a way to be able to service my clients better by becoming a resource for them.
    When I talk with someone about visiting I really try and emphasize the benefits I receive from PowerCore and how this team truly wants to see all of its members successful!

  4. Wendy Kinney
    October 2, 2020 | 9:52 am

    What questions did you have as you were driving to the meeting?
    My first meeting was two hours from home – at the Hilton across from the Melbourne airport. (I lived in Longwood.) When it was my turn to do an InfoMinute I slid my chair back, and said “pass”. (And they let me!)

    What were you thinking as you left?
    The CPA did a 7-Minute, and I remember thinking “Why isn’t the guy I’m paying telling me this?” I recognized that I needed this in my business life – a place where I could learn. That’s why I joined. For the 7-Minutes.

    What was the impressive part for you?
    How inclusive it was. I’d been on boards where only a few people intoned – here everyone participated, and I found that valuable.

    How do you use your initial experience to invite Visitors to our Team?
    When I’m on the phone with someone who hasn’t been to a meeting like this before, I say: buckle up and hang on. Each of them remembers what their first meeting was like. They’ll take care of you.

  5. Steve Perry
    October 2, 2020 | 10:55 am

    I had been to both closed and open networking before so I had a number of preconceived ideas and I was concerned about the commute. AS I left, I was very pleasantly surprised at the overall caliber of the people I met and the friendliness of the attendees. The most impressive part of my meetings were the immediate outreach from the members for coffee. When I talk to people I am inviting to meetings, I don’t really talk about my initial meeting, but rather paint a picture of what the visitor can expect and I connect them with our visitor coordinator by email as quickly as possible.

  6. Jennifer Flores
    October 5, 2020 | 11:52 am

    I was invited by Kathy Dolan who explained everything about the meeting in detail, so I knew what to expect. I was very impressed by the professional way the meeting was conducted, the camaraderie of the team and the amount of referrals I saw being passed. I was very pleased as I left in the number of connections made in that one meeting and saw that this model of networking could actually work. I make sure visitors can see the benefits of PowerCore and how these can work for them in growing their business.

  7. Jim Miskell
    October 7, 2020 | 7:01 am

    What questions did you have as you were driving to the meeting?
    I was wondering if this would be a good fit and a good use of my time.
    What were you thinking as you left?
    This could work.
    What was the impressive part for you?
    This well defined process kept the meeting moving and referral focused, but there was a real fellowship between the members – they liked each other and loved sending business to one another.

  8. Sheetal Desai
    October 7, 2020 | 8:08 am

    I was thinking about what the meeting would be like because I was “warned” that it would be intense!

    By the time I finished the meeting, I was impressed with how much was covered in 1.5 hours and truly appreciated the respect for everyone’s time and respect for the timer.

    I was impressed by the respect the team had for each other and the serious focus on business development rather than just socializing.

  9. Sharna Ettinoffe
    October 8, 2020 | 12:24 pm

    I was invited to join about 2 years ago. I was really excited to see what the experience was going to be like, and to meet the team. On the way, the questions in my mind all had to do with the time and logistics. I live a good distance away, and was already stuck in traffic, and going to be late. So all I was concerned about already making a bad impression showing up late. Once I got to the meeting all of the fear and anxiety went away. I was immediately met with welcoming faces and energy. What impressed me the most how well everyone got along, how happy and jovial everyone was at 7:00 am and how smoothly the meeting ran. I got several invitations to coffee, so I left feeling like I was really wanted on the team. When I invite others to the team, I share my experience of the over whelming warmth that was extended to me, and the great and unexpected value of sitting in a room with people, some from completely different industries referring and doing business together.

  10. Stephanie Mitchell-Turner
    October 8, 2020 | 3:41 pm

    I never even heard of PowerCore. One afternoon about one month ago, I decided to knock doors of recent movers for potential sales. I knocked on the door of this vibrant and welcoming lady who turned out to be none other than Mrs. Angela Albert. At the end of our conversation, she invited me to a 7am networking meeting.
    As I was going to the meeting, I was thinking ‘wow this is early’! I live about 30 minutes away so I wanted to make sure I got there on time. During the meeting, I honestly had no idea what was going on. I felt like I was drinking from one of those busted fire hydrants you see in the streets of New York. I just made sure I kept a smile on and nodded my head. Oh, but when I left I was super excited about what was in store for me and I knew I wanted to join. One thing that impressed me the most was how organized and structured it was. Also, after completing the infominute seminar, I knew it would help me in other ways than just being able to get a referral. I have been a member now for about 5 weeks and now that I have a better understanding of how things work, in order to invite visitors, I will use the fact that being a part of PowerCore is not just for referrals, but also for building you as a person, implementing discipline, and helping you to step outside of your roll to realize and understand what others may take away from how you present what it is that you do.

  11. Melissa Moody
    October 8, 2020 | 7:28 pm

    I was extremely nervous! I was using Zoom for the very first time on my first visit to Powercore, so I was expecting it to fail because technology hates me. I had just started my new business and had never given an infominute before, so I had no idea what to say, and I fully expected everyone to be very stiff and professional, using jargon that I didn’t understand. Instead, what I found was a warm group of people who make me laugh and have supported me every step of the way and taught me important business principles. Every Friday morning I feel more empowered to help those around me, should they require the services of a Powercore member, and I feel more like I’m meeting with a group of friends than anything else.

  12. Nick Jones
    October 12, 2020 | 3:11 pm

    My first experience with power core was thru another agent that could no longer attend due to a new baby. I had now idea of what to expect or how I would like it. The first meeting I was lost. He gave me his badge and book and that was pretty much it. I came back a second time and felt a lot better. Going to the classes helped a lot and it gave me a better road map to follow.

  13. Gregory Hyde
    October 14, 2020 | 8:00 am

    It’s all about building your knowledge within a team of people who get to know you and you get to know them. It takes time to build relationships. Powercore provides a platform to develop your approach and become more professional in building opportunities for your business.

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