Power Etiquette – because referrals come from people who think you like them.

1: There are two bodies of etiquette

  • Social Etiquette
  • Business Etiquette

The rules are different based on the context.

2: There are three forms of etiquette

  • Protocol – forms of ceremony observed by diplomats
  • Manners – Social deportment, behavior and conduct
  • Courtesy – My use of manners to show my self respect, and my respect and regard for others.

3: Concept: equal and fair are not synonyms

  • Equal is for groups
  • Fair is for individuals

4: Principles: communication is what the listener does

  • Good news to groups — bad news one-on-one
  • Good news for eyes    — bad news for ears
  • Good word of mouth is for ego — bad word of mouth is for protection
Purpose: Equal or Fair
  • Arrive late = no InfoMinute
  • Stand when talking at PowerCore; everywhere else.
  • How much time do I have to respond —
    to an invitation, to a task?
  • When do I owe a thank you?
    Do I have to turn in a We Did Business slip?
  • Who’s responsible for:
    Referral Records / We Did Business slips / Endorsement Letters?
  • Introduction purpose: make the speaker look good.
Congruency creates credibility.
Credibility produces trust.
Trust generates referrals.
  • How  to talk about money. Mixing business with politics and religion.
  • Dress for the meeting, for appointments.
    Does it really matter if I wear my jeans,
    cancel coffees, only follow up on the best referrals?
  • Why am I not getting referrals from my GateOpeners at the table?
  • Email: CC, BCC, sig file, auto responder
  • Paying for referrals and bartering
  • How to leave a group profitably.
People refer to people who like them.
Respect shows liking.
  • Time: arrival, substitution, lunch, preparing introduction.
  • The benefit of rapport, and how to break it.
  • Is it my responsibility to tell them when . . .
    Why don’t they tell me when . . .
  • How to refer to multiple people.
  • What should I do if:
    I get a bad lead, get bad service, give bad service?
  • What should I do when a Member conflicts with me?

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