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Cube: GateOpeners

and Share a context where you are a GateOpener for a classification that is a GateOpener for you.

Example: when a business is starting, attorneys, accountants and bankers are GateOpeners for each other.

Is it just a toss-up which of you the client begins to work with, or do different types of clients begin with you, or with the others?


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One Response to Context
  1. Steven Perry
    December 18, 2020 | 10:52 am

    The example is quite accurate, as an accountant and tax professional, I work with business attorneys when a business is either establishing an entity or it is time to change the entity.

    In representation cases, the bankruptcy attorney is a mutual gate opener.

    In both cases, it can be a toss-up, but there are specific circumstances where the order matters. In a bankruptcy case involving tax debt, it is usually in the client’s best interest to see me first.

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