Whether or Not it’s Our Week

What to SAY to GET Referrals Circle: What Goes Around Comes Around | Whether or Not it’s Our Week   and A circle is a good symbol for a cycle – something, like hours in the day, that repeats. Describe the normal trigger when clients look for you, then, give an example of a client who uses…

Accurate: Calibrate

Referral Trigger for the week of February 11 What to SAY to GET Referrals Builder’s Tool: Laser| Purpose: Accurate Conversation lead by the: Vinings Team   and A builder makes sure a laser is calibrated. One degree won’t make a difference at one foot; will be noticeable at 20 feet; and will increase the cost of the project at…

How can I use being absent and needing a Sub as a way to give to Members on my Team?

What benefit does a Team Member get when I describe how a referral came about?

Who can I introduce PowerCore Team Members to at other networking events I attend?

How can I use handouts to give Members introductions and get more business for myself?

What is the best way to introduce a Team Member to one of their GateOpeners?

How do I post an Endorsement Letter to the PowerCore website?

Should I wait for the meeting to pass a referral opportunity that comes up during the week?

How could I cross-market with a Member? What would they have to know about me first?