What to DO to GET Referrals

Different + The Same

Many things are different right now – I get to sleep in 30 minutes longer and still be at the meeting on time. Instead of printing handouts I send a .pdf to Members the day before the meeting to print their own. I’ve seen some sleepy toddlers in their daddy’s laps (I love this!) and some friendly pets…

How many businesses may I promote in PowerCore?

Why should I limit humor and sarcasm during the meeting?

What’s the etiquette for arriving and leaving?

What do I do to get extra time during the meeting?

How do I showcase my credibility to the Team?

How do I use the principle “Whatever I recognize grows” to get more referrals?

What does “Good news to groups, bad news one-on-one” mean?

How can I get the most from wearing my name badge?