What to DO to GIVE Referrals

When a Member gives a great 7-Minute Presentation how do I create a referral for them?

How does an endorsement letter work?

What do I do to maintain my credibility if I don’t have a referral ready to pass?

How can I record ideas until they become referrals?

What is my responsibility when I pass a referral record to a Member?

What Does It Take to Sponsor Other Potential Members?

Bring them to the meeting with you. The VisitorCoOrdinator will assign someone to host them (you want them to get to know other Members) and give them an application. They’ll write your name on the application, like this:  And we’ll add your name on their profile,  And their name on yours. Thank you! Now you…

How Do I Identify Potential New Members?

If you click through the pictures on the home page you’ll see Members getting Gold Star, MVP, and Shooting Star awards. Gold Star means they’ve invited five people who joined. MVP is for 15. Shooting Star is for 25. Yowza. Beside their picture you’ll find their answer to the question “What do you say when you’re…