What to SAY to GET Referrals

What does it mean when there aren’t ant questions on the FeedForward card?

How can I answer questions from the FeedForward card most profitably?

What do the questions on the FeedForward card mean?

How can I get more 7-Minute Presentation time?

What is the best 7-Minute Presentation format and style?

What amount of information can I profitably cover?

How often will I get a 7-Minute Presentation?

What do I need to say differently when I ask for GateOpener introductions?

What should I do and say when I get an inappropriate referral?

Right after the meeting walk up to the Member who turned in the referral record with the white slip in your two hands. Grin broadly, and say “Thank you so much for thinking of me!” Then ask a question. If there isn’t contact information ask, “How can I reach them?” If it will be a…

How do I tell, not sell, at coffee?