What to SAY to GET Referrals

What to Say to Get Referrals

An InfoMinute is the way to answer the question “What do you do?” and get referrals. One-third of the minute — 20 seconds — needs to be resonant client identification, in three parts. The Green Card is: who + how. Who is a person, one person, identified by name, by title, or by relationship. Name…

Why Don’t I Get More Referrals?

The PowerCore MembershipJournal has three tabs – What to SAY to GET Referrals, What to DO to GET Referrals, and What to DO to GIVE Referrals. When I’m not getting all the referrals I’d like – there’s a reason why, and I’m the only person who can fix it. This I know for sure. It’s…

The Size And Shape of a 7-Minute Presentation

1: Define the Boundaries. Name four things your clients pay you for: If you’re an insurance agent you might say [a] Homeowners Insurance [b] Auto Insurance [c] Bike/Boat/RV [d] Umbrella Policy Pick one. It is not possible to profitably cover everything you do in 7-Minutes. Pick one of the four things clients buy from you,…

Timing = for the money

The difference between homeless and wealthy is time – a homeless person doesn’t know if they will eat tonight. A wealthy person is confident they can feed their family for generations. Referrals require a wealthy mindset. When people talk about today — today’s news — it sounds like “in these uncertain times … if you…

What does it mean when there aren’t ant questions on the FeedForward card?

How can I answer questions from the FeedForward card most profitably?

What do the questions on the FeedForward card mean?

How can I get more 7-Minute Presentation time?

What is the best 7-Minute Presentation format and style?

What amount of information can I profitably cover?