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Brooks Mackintosh

I’m an avid runner and former marathoner. I love hiking and camping in the great outdoors. Living and working and walking around Decatur, I sometimes don’t get in my car until the weekend!

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Jim Miskell

Kevin Kim

I am an estate planning attorney specializing in wills & trusts, asset protection and probate matters. I am obsessed with working hard to obtain the best possible outcomes for each and every one of my clients. I enjoy playing golf & tennis.

Matthew Jones


Neeli Shah

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Oren Ross

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Robert Goldberg

Bob loves experiencing life with his family. Camping at Bonnaroo;
orienteering; movies; walking the dog, if Bob is with family, he is happiest. When not spending time with family you can find Bob reading or agonizing over Michigan teams.

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Stephanie Eban

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