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Beau Pirkle

Ben Levy


Personal Injury Attorney

Cordele Rolle

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Dan DeWoskin

I enjoy being a trial lawyer. It means that nobody reaches out to me on a good day, but I am provided with opportunities to try to bring relief to others and to right some of the wrongs that have been done. Such moments are indescribable.

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David Citrin

I help people who’ve been hurt.
I have been serving people for over 45 years, focusing on Personal Injury claims of every kind.

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Jessica Burkhart


Jordan Kragten

Mark Thomas

I am the proud husband of Karen, a hard working realtor, and proud father of three boys, Colin, 26, Iain, 23, and Will, 18. I enjoy the occasional round of golf and fun family travel.

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Marlon Rhine

I work to protect the rights of those injured due to the negligence of others.

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Mike Lonati Jr.

I got into the personal injury field to help make our community safer by holding others accountable for their actions. Currently I am President of the Paulding County Bar Association and in my free time I enjoy hiking, hunting, and golfing.

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Minerva Steele

When I’m not fighting for my clients, I enjoy reading, creative writing, and finding any reason to be outside.

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Paul Shimek

33 years experience, specializing in personal injury cases involving cars, trucks & motorcycles. I handle property damage claims too. Have J.D. and MBA degrees. When not in the courtroom or office, I’m traveling the world with my camera.

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Philip Milam