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Amanda Phothisen

I am a working mom of five children who desperately needs to go to the beach more often. I love three things in life: my family, God and food. If I could actually learn how to cook, I would quit all things in life and cook and eat all day.

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Cassi Williams


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Charles Frederic

I have been in the auto repair industry for 24 yrs. I could not see me doing anything else as I love what I do. This is not a job to me it is an adventure, a challange everyday with changing of how cars ar changing. I am ASE certified in

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Dan Barber


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Kelly Williams

I have a photographic memory, I can tell you how to get somewhere by landmarks not by street names. This is my single greatest skill as I can take apart anything and put it back together. The only sport I am into is racing.

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Kerry Singley

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Mike Como

I am an ASE Certified Master Technician with over 25 years experience. I enjoy problem solving and facing a challenge. I get great satisfaction in figuring out hard to diagnose automotive problems. I also enjoy hiking, fishing & kayaking.

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