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Brian Sulka

As a true local having lived my entire life in the Atlanta area. I love entrepreneurs because they have an energy and optimism that is contagious and keeps me on my toes.

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Christopher Whitlow

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David Ellner

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Elise Keropian

On the enneagram, Iā€™m a classic 1 wing 2. I love hiking, baking paleo sweets, and exploring foreign countries with my family. I bet I can name the breed of any dog you meet.

JoAnn Labbie

Business Adviser and Team Development Strategist

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Rebecca Brizi

Back in adolescence when all my friends wanted to be rockstars, I wanted to be their manager.
I have always been more interested in being the wind than the flag, and I found that outlet as a business management consultant.

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Saurel Quettan

My ideal clients are CEOs, founders, owners, and key executives. My clients practice using our proprietary approach to identify business issues, address them at the source, and provide clarity for decision-making.

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